10 Marvel Villains So Offensive They Will Never Pass The Censor Board

The MCU is the most profitable franchise of recent years. The banner that made superhero team-ups and shared universes mainstream, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us a reason to look up to the superhero genre. While the heroes are the face of the MCU, they aren’t everything the universe has to offer.  Marvel also has an incredible variety of villains. Some made their way into the movies. Some are so offensive they never will.

 10. Mephisto

The Lord of Lies is a big deal as far as supervillains go in Marvel Comics. A trickster and a bad influence of the highest order, Mephisto is the amalgation of all things evil in the comics. When he isn’t enticing innocents into doing his bidding, he is relaxing in his personal Hell-like version he calls home. His endeavors are the reason Johny Blaze was bonded with Zarathos to become the Ghost Rider. With blood red Skin and horn and a forked tail, I think it’s safe to assume if Mephisto ever debuts in the MCU, there will be severe backlash from conservatives.

9. Mandarin

No we are not talking about the abomination Ben Kinglsey played in Iron Man 3. The real Mandarin is one of the most iconic villains of Tony Stark’s Rogues Gallery. A master martial artist and wielder of ten alien rings of power, one for each finger, the Mandarin was someone even the Iron Man hesitated going toe to toe against. The inappropriateness is connected to the villain’s origin. Mandarin was a racist by product of the Yellow Peril era when the Chinese were seen nothing but slit eyed, long finger nailed people with Fu Manchu mustaches. Hard to portray something like that in today’s era.

8. Hatemonger

It’s hard to not read between the lines with a name like this. Hatemonger is a member of the infamous Ku Klux Klan. But he chooses to wear a purple robe instead of a regular white. He possesses a Hate-Ray which he shoots at people and makes them racist (won’t work on Trump though, he already is one). Hatemonger is actually Hitler in disguise. Hitler after World War 2, regularly had his consciousness transferred to new hosts to carry out his agendas. Now as a fantastic four villain, he is seen inciting Hate Riots in New York. I believe we don’t even need a Hatemonger. The people tend to do that themselves nowadays.

7. Warrior Woman

Warrior Woman is Wonder Woman of the Marvel Universe. If Wonder Woman was a Nazi, liked leather way more than men and had weird fetishes. Warrior Woman served Hitler during World War 2. He was apparently so impressed that he wanted her to marry Master Man, another Nazi villain and start making little Aryan babies. I don’t even know how a character so stupid and stereotypical will ever make it to Hollywood.

6. The Jackal

Miles Warren was Spiderman’s professor until he realized Peter’s secret identity and decided to make clones out of his DNA. He is the reason Ben Reilly and Kaine exist today. But he didn’t just stop with Peter. Miles made clones out of Gwen Stacy too. And clearly he was super obsessed with that clone. The comics never showed how far he went but it’s safe to assume they never went to Sunday Mass together. Its one thing to be a fan of cloning but a professor/madman sleeping with his own student isn’t much of a show stealer either.

5. Black Talon

An African American wearing a stupid Chicken suit to battle to and performing voodoo magic – clearly there is nothing racist about that?!?!?! The character gets more cringeworthy the more you look at it. Black Talon was Marvel’s attempt at diversifying his characters and superhero roster to include members of the other communities. And clearly with Black Talon, they failed spectacularly. Necromancy has already been teased with Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. If this guy makes his debut into the MCU, he first needs to have a serious overhaul of sorts.

4. Gwen Stacy’s Children

Gwen Stacy and her death played a pivotal role in shaping Peter Parker’s saga as Spiderman. In a brilliantly written storyline, the Green Goblin- spidey’ arch-nemesis, kidnaps Gwen and murders her. Her death devastates Peter and only after a while does he get back on his feet. But the real reason Goblin kills her is shown later to the readers. Gwen and Norman had an affair. When a pregnant Gwen Stacy threatens to cut the Goblin off, he quickly tks care of it the Goblin Way. Gabriel and Sarah Stacy, Goblin and Gwen’s kids become supervillains later but its nigh impossible for them to make an appearance in Disney’s UA approved MCU.

3. Master Man

A frail young man who wants to serve his country in World War 2 is stopped from doing so because of his weak physique. He then volunteers for a secret government project to turn him into the perfect soldier. Sounds familiar? That is not only Cap’s story but also Master Man’s. A Nazi sympathizer, Master Man also has a version of the super soldier serum running through his veins. Interestingly, Master Man might make a great villain. But to see that happen, the MCU needs to chop off his Nazi roots and make him a part of something more mainstream, say, HYDRA.

2. Holocaust

Holocaust is the child of Apocalypse and the Horseman Famine. With an incredible sense of loyalty for his father, Holocaust fought the X-Men and the Avengers and killed thousands in Apocalypse’s name. He even had a short career as a superhero in the Time travelling misfits The Exiles. But what happens when ToyBiz tries to make a Holocaust action figure in 1987? They rename in Dark Nemesis coz who would buy a toy named the Holocaust. A similar fate befalls holocaust in the MCU. If he ever steps into the MCU, the first thing he needs to do is apply for a name change.

1. Adolf Hitler


The greatest villain ever. The guy who killed more than any other man in the history of mankind without even lifting a finger. This racist, hate-mongering asshole is the reason for World War 2. So when Jewish writers penned the character of Steve Rogers aka Captain America, they made him punch Adolf’s face as much as they could. The leader of the Third Reich has only been vaguely shown in Captain America: The First Avenger, and that too in a play. The real villain of the movie was the Red Skull. It would take serious guts for the MCU to portray a character as controversial as this in a movie. Let us hope it never comes down to it.

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