Flash Season 5: Grant Gustin Teased Massive Action Scene From The Comics

The San Diego comic con is one of the biggest comic events on the globe. Every year companies, publishers, writers, and fans all flock over to San Diego to celebrate our shared love for comic books and the characters that they house. We love comics, we love their world and we definitely live that comic stories are slowly seeping into other visual media.


This year Sony was a big attraction all throughout the comic con and DC revealed some great trailers. But the thing that has people talking and buzzing is Marvel, or rather the absence of Marvel studios from the event.

Although their rival comic publisher continued to promote its tv shows and movies as DC unveiled one trailer after another including one for CW’s Flash season 5 during a comic con panel with the Flash cast. Grant Gustin was himself in attendance and he had this to say about Flash season 5:

“In the first episode… I don’t want to tell you too much, but in the first episode, two things happen that I’ve wanted to happen for five years.” Gustin revealed. “One of them is a huge action sequence that is out of the comics, and I remember thinking when I read that ‘We’ll never be able to do that. Which sucks, because that’s so cool.’ And we’re doing it, yeah. We’re doing it in the first episode. And I’m really excited about it, because I know our visual effects guys are going to kill it, and what we shot was awesome.”


“And then yeah, there’s one thing that happens in the first episode as well, that will be a little teaser of the trailer today.” Gustin says. “So it’s something that I’ve been wanting, and that I know some fans have been wanting for a long time. So we’re doing a couple cool things.”

CW’s The Flash has been a strong show. It has been rolling out the hits for the CW universe and the first three seasons of the show have kept fans more or less engaged when arrow lost its luster before season 5. We have seen Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen go through a lot.

We have seen him gain his powers, we have seen him lose them, we have seen him travel back in time, we have seen him traveling to different earth’s and different dimensions, even different realities.

We have seen Barry Allen battle his future self who disguised himself as the God of speed (Savitar). The entire show has been an uphill battle where Grant Gustin continually boasts to be the fastest man alive every time the show plays its opening sequence, but then the story somehow always seems to be that there is someone out there faster than the Flash. Maybe it’s the alive part that we should be more focused on. But DC heroes have a strict ‘no taking a life’ rule so we should set that aside for a moment.

But what is this new and unique action sequence that Grant Gustin talks about? And he says that it’s ripped right out of the comics, oh well. I think the directors are finally going to Grant the Flash his ultra badass finishing move, the infinite mass punch. Granted that we have already seen the Flash pull off an iteration of this move in CW’s the Flash, it is also entirely possible that the true potential of this speedster is still locked, that he is limited by his own imagination.

We may be pegged to see an entirely new Flash come season 5. One who is motivated by gaining power and taking that power to a completely new level to create a paradigm shift in his own universe. A Flash that upholds his job with a sense of duty. Up until then watch this space for everything DC and CW.

CW’s The Flash season 5 will return to your television network soon. The cast of the show is amazing and filled with skilled actors. The show stars Grant Gustin as the Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West Allen, Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost / Caitlin, Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne, Carlos Baldev as Cisco ramone, John Wesley ship as Henley Allen, Stephen Arnell as The Arrow/ Green Arrow / Oliver Queen, Tom Felton as Julian Dorne and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold/ Citizen Cold.

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