15 Major Copy-Cats In Marvel And DC

We all love superheroes but competition between DC and Marvel is never ending. There are similarities on some of their characters and many wonders who is the original one and who is the copycat. Here are 15 major imitations in DC and Marvel comics:

1) Ghost Rider and Atomic Song

dc marvelGhost Rider is a flaming fire one and the other one is last radioactive energy. Ghost Rider came before Atomic song.

2) Wasp and Bumblebee

Wasp and Bumblebee both are the carbon copy of each other. The Wasp (Marvel) came before the Bumblebee (DC). That makes another point for Marvel.

3) Swamp Thing and Man-Thing


These two famous swamp monsters were introduced in the same year but if we take a look at the months the first to come was Man-Thing (Marvel).

4) X-Men and Doom Patrol


Another close shave between Marvel and DC, but this time DC wins. It’s Doom Patrol (DC) who came before the X-Men (Marvel).

5) Catwoman and Black Cat


Catwoman and Black Cat are two female felines who are both the villain and at times a hero, but it’s Catwoman (DC) who came first.

6) Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange

maxresdefault-17Which of these supreme sorceress game first. Dr. Fate from DC takes the lead.

7) Silver Surfer and Black Racer


One has clearly copied the aspects of enough but here is the fun part, both of the characters were created by Jack Kirby and the first to come is Silver Surfer (Marvel).

8) Darkseid, Apocalypse, and Thanos

227cdd702179e4b6e32606ea2c90a0ba396b2e4c_hqThree of the biggest bodies in all of the comic history. A bit more complicated is that they all share the same traits but Darkseid (DC) gains victory having appeared three years before Marvel’s equivalent.

9) Solomon Grundy and Hulk


The visual similarity between these two are unmistakable but they are virtually indestructible clearly Hulk wins if they ever get a chance to fight. But the first to come was Grundy (DC).

10) Deadpool and Deathstroke

Deadpool (Marvel) and Deathstroke (DC) are mercenaries who wields swords and guns. They have same regenerative abilities and their costumes were made from the same cloth. They were given similar names with Deadpool as Wade Wilson and Deathstroke as Slade Wilson. It was Deathstroke who came first.

11) Big Barda and Gamora

Big Barda is a DC character which first appeared in Mister Miracle #4 (October 1971). Gamora is the Marvel force, who first appeared in Strange Tales #180. Well, there are not so many similarities but in certain aspects they are comparable. Big Barda was taken care by Granny Goodness to tone a part of Female Furies, the warriors of Darkseid and Gamora was taken care by her adoptive father Thanos, which was similar to Darkseid.

12) Green Arrow and Hawkeye

Despite having different backstories, they share quite a bit similarities. They both have a whole bow and arrow. They same temperamental problems, they are impulsive and they are forthright. Both died and were resurrected.

13) Aquaman And Namor

These two watermen are exactly the same when compared. Their overall abilities are same, except Namor also have flying ability. Also, they cannot survive on the land for an unspecified time. They were given life by Atlantean women.

14) Elongated Man And Mr. Fantastic

This two kind of wear same pair of shoes in many ways. They have the same stretching abilities and have the same intellect. Being with same energy skills they have different goals in their lives. Moreover, they married to women with the same name Sue and they spent their live trouble-free.

15) Red Tornado And Vision

Both of them are androids and were created by villains, who wanted to use them against Avengers and Justice League. They have always like human women. Red Tornado is capable of creating Tornados and Vision can do almost anything.

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