Suicide Squad: Superhero Movie vs DC Comics

With the movie releasing in just a few weeks, we get to see a squad full of bad guys, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

For starters, the suicide squad in actuality is really friendly, with a leader with tremendous accuracy, and unstoppable teammates, does the suicide squad bend the rules sometimes? of course, they do! That’s only because they want to win.”

These are just promos by Margot Robbie with Rob Gronk from New England’s patriot for SB’s trailer. The promo shows Margot in a therapy session with Gronk before this Harley Quinn was Harlene Quinzelle a doctor in Arkham Asylum.

This promo just gives us an idea what the movie is all about. It’s been a trend lately where trailers are launched during big Football games or Basketball games. That’s only because lives audiences get a higher rating at sports event than anywhere else.

The way the video is shown, it just might be the inside of her office in Arkham Asylum in the movie.

But we do get to see some Easter Eggs in the movie, where you see her jacket hanging in the background, her mallet, the baseball bat. They actually have different versions of the baseball bat which they had to create just in case Margot broke them while they were filming.

With the Comic Con next week, we can expect a big trailer coming our way. The movie comes out less than two weeks after Comic-Con so it’s going to be crazy next week.

And while Jesse Isenberg went to Arkham asylum who knows if he might pop up in Suicide squad, this would be something for fans to sit on until the movie comes out.

While we are at it, we do know that the characters have been re-imagined from their original comic book style, especially when it comes to Harley and Joker. We are guessing this might be due to that additional factor to add a bit of sex appeal to the characters, but who knows.

David Ayers joker is the most modern version of the character we’ve seen as yet, seems pretty grounded when it comes to the world of gangsters. When we say grounded it means that David has created the Joker which is very much like a normal guy whose dyed his hair green and applies red lipstick, no scars no twisted mouth.

However, Leto’s charter in the movie still remains unpredictable like a wild card in the deck, there are moments where he’s lucid, the kind we’ve never seen before. This joker is a businessman with a plan who owns a series of clubs, the type whose responsible and thinks everything through.

In the comics Joker was always seen manipulating Harley, however in the movie, he is madly in love with her. So while Joker uses Harley to get out of the Arkham asylum, he doesn’t expect her to be annoyingly clawing onto him. But we do know that joker doesn’t love anyone as much as he loves batman, as he sees batman as his equal. And if you look closely we don’t see any Harley tattoos on joker, in this new incarnation Joker seems to find Harley as his equal.

When we come to Harley Quinn, we’ve always seen her as an abused woman in the comic books, however, in Suicide Squad you get to see Harley who’s a woman for empowerment, clearly portraying a female version of the Joker.

The other reason we think joker is attracted to Harley in the movie is due to the fact that she looks attractive as compared to her original comic book character. However, she’s never been this sexy as we see her in David’s version of Harley as the smart alpha woman.

For Harley not only did they make her attractive but they also made her smarter. Being a psychiatrist we know that Harley is smart but then according to comic books she slept with a couple of professors to get her degree, only because she couldn’t get a good opportunity at being a gymnast, she took a career in being a psychiatrist.

So while the audience is not ok with the change in Jesse Eisenberg but is ok with the change in the character of Harley and joker is only due to the fact that it’s sexier and better grounded.

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