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    Green Arrow is the New Spectre. What Does it Mean for the Crisis Event?

    Crisis Event: Green Arrow is New Spectre Three episodes of the current Arrowverse Crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths are already done, and we’re left with two more. 7 heroes are left to save all the Earths that were killed by the Anti-Matter wave, but there were a lot of questions asked that haven’t been answered yet. One of those questions…

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  • Movies

    Latest James Bond Theme Song

      Yes, the new James Bond theme song is out and it is simply mind blowing! The song, “Writing’s on the Wall” has been recorded for the upcoming Bond movie, “Spectre.”  Afraid to admit it, but I feel it’s better than “Skyfall” (Adele fans, please don’t kill me). Sung by Sam Smith, it is the first Bond theme to be…

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