Hawkeye Deleted Scenes With Young Clint Barton and Kingpin Revealed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently did something wonderful. They integrated Marvel TV characters into their main universe, showing fans that Daredevil and other characters were, in fact, part of the bigger whole. The most bombastic of these re-introductions was the appearance of Kingpin in Hawkeye. The villain’s entry in the season finale of the show really raised the stakes. However, did you know that there were scenes of Kingpin and of a young Clint Barton that did not make it to the final cut? We have some photos for you. Take a look and keep reading for our analysis.

Young Clint Barton

The Marvel Studios: Assembled episode will feature the full scene but user u/anilsoi11 posted the above screenshot on Reddit featuring Hawkeye as a young boy. It seems that there was some part of the show that was supposed to explore the childhood of Barton but it ended up on the cutting room floor rather than the final cut. Well, we suppose there was not much to be gained by giving Hawkeye more humanity. Clint is already very vulnerable throughout the show so it comes as no surprise that this sequence was removed from the show.

Maya and Kingpin

Along with a young Clint Barton, there was another sequence that was snipped from the show. The Reddit user shared several screenshots. Several of these were from a scene where Kingpin picked up a young Maya from her ballet rehearsal. He is constantly referred to like Maya’s “Uncle” and this was supposed to be the scene that established that. We were supposed to get a Kingpin introduction much earlier in the show but the shoemakers decided against it and this sequence was cut short in the final cut.

What can be said about this? We would have to watch the episodes to make a final comment, but I suppose the delayed gratification of a Kingpin reveals worked well for the show. Fans constantly toiled with the question of whether Kingpin would show up or not and when he finally did he made an impact on the story. Vincent D’Onofrio was well used in the series and that is more than we can ask for.


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