A New Character is Joining the Cast of Legends of Tomorrow for Season 4

Legends of Tomorrow is another success story for the Arrowverse. The universe that started with a re-skinned Green Arrow developed under the shadow of a pseudo-Batman and now thrives as one the longest running successes in the books of DC. The publisher has seeked to advance this influence and success of the TV shows as much as they can. If the executives are unable to make the DCEU flourish, then the publisher wants to introduce as many DC characters as they can in this iteration of the imaginary universe.

One of the more accommodating and non-linear shows of the DC TV lineup is Legends of Tomorrow. The show is based on a mismatched cast of outsiders who team up to time-travel and chase villains in different timelines and in different eras. The concept is cool and the characters are interesting, maybe that is the reason that the show is doing as good as it currently is. The constant change is exactly what keeps the premise interesting.

A lot has changed in the DCEU and the Arrowverse over the years. Not everybody is the same, not everything is the same. The stagnant river of change now moves with full vigor as the show gets ready to introduce even more characters into the next season.

Really, I’m going to lay it down for you. If there is going to be a next season of Legends of Tomorrow, then we are very likely to see a wolf character. The show recently added Constantine to it’s time-traveling cast. The magician is a perfect fit for the show and it’s unusual pace. The show is much more of an X-files than your average comic live action show.

The show tries to shuffle things around and even tries to conform to the social justice ideology of recent times. Legends of Tomorrow has never been one to shy away from topics like homosexuality or female empowerment. In fact, the entire cast has tried their best to portray the diversity that the writers have integrated into the script.

There have been same-sex romances, alternate dimensions, alternate timelines, supernatural crisis, and many different characters and story arcs during the four odd seasons of the show. But what is in store for the future of Legends of Tomorrow. If rumors and insider information is to be believed, it is expected that the fifth season of the show will introduce a wolf character in the cast. It seems that it is a recurring character that will join the legends as an outsider.

The casting department of the show put out a call for a young man of any particular ethnicity who would play a recurring wolf character in the upcoming season of the show (If the show is renewed for a new season). It is said that the wolf character will first have loyalty to the pack and then to the legends if any.

Then there is also the fact that the lycanthropy will only trigger during times of extreme emotional turmoil. It seems that this is a character who will have some sort of latent wolf abilities that will work as an ace in the hole for the legends.

After Wally West departed from the team, the show has needed some fresh blood. And maybe that is what the writers are aiming at with this new character in the series. If the show is renewed for a fifth season the entire premise may shift from a team of misfits to a team of misfits that dabbles with men of questionable loyalty. The wolf character may introduce an entirely new dimension to the show.

New Character is joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow

The show is currently on the fourth season and another is expected. But what will happen in the next season? And who is this new character the casting department seems to be pursuing? We think there’s a good chance of a particular character coming directly from the DC comics, but we have been wrong before. So without any speculation, we ask you, the fandom, for your opinion. Who do you think this new beast of the legends is? Post your answers in the comments below. And keep watching this space, for everything DC.

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