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6 WandaVision Plot Twists That No One Saw Coming

WandaVision continues the story after Avengers: Endgame. This series finally got to focus on Wanda and Vision individually. People had many expectations from the show, and it came good on every front. It introduced many new characters and some mind-boggling twists. It showed the truth of Wanda’s magic source. A new Vision was introduced. The setup seems perfect for the next phase of the MCU. There were many twists and turns in WandaVision that took even the hardcore fans by surprise. The legacy after Endgame was taken ahead gracefully. All 9 episodes absolutely lit things on fire. People across the fandom came across many theories and possibilities. Here are 6 WandaVision plot twists that people didn’t see coming.

The Source of  Wanda’s Magic

Through the course of the series, Wanda discovered that she had powers all her life and the mind stone just activated them. The actual source of her powers was Chaos Magic. Before the mind stone allowed her to use the ability as per her willingness. During one accident she disabled a bomb that crashed into her childhood home. She was brought to a pantomime of her life by Agnes. And we were shocked to learn that Wanda wasn’t a mutant and neither was she granted her powers by the Mind Stone. She was a witch from the beginning.

White Vision

WandaVision Plot Twists

Many fans expected Vision to return in Avengers: Endgame but he was nowhere to be found. Wanda created a new vision when she saw her love being dismantled. She used her Chaos Magic to do the same. But then, SWORD brought in the White Vision. He had all the memories of the previous Vision, but no emotional attachment. The new vision left the Hex to learn more about himself, while the Vision that came from Wanda went away with the Hex.

Introduction to Photon

The Hex was a complete energy barrier. And the people who passed through it also had their DNA changed. Monica Rambeau went through the Hex barrier thrice. This caused some unexpected effects in Monica’s physicality. It allowed her to absorb and repurpose any form of energy. And now she will take up her comic accurate persona of Photon.

Agatha All Along

The identity of Wanda’s neighbor Agnes turned out to be the real twist in the tale. She was actually a powerful Witch named Agatha Harkness. Everyone thought that Mephisto would be the villain, but it turned out to be Agnes. She had infiltrated Wanda’s Hex and planned to steal her powers. Ultimately, she turned out to be a very likable villain. Her manipulation of Wanda made her a fan favorite. And now we hope to see her again in Doctor Strange 2.

Geraldine Was an Inside Agent

WandaVision Plot Twists

Fans had no idea that Wanda used her power to control people. She rewrote everyone’s memories to fit her narrative. When Wanda was giving birth to twins, she momentarily weakened her control over people. Then we figured that her friend Geraldine was Monica Rambeau, an agent of S.W.O.R.D. She was absorbed into the hex. When Monica mentioned Pietro, she realized that Monica wasn’t from Westview. So she tossed her out.

Ralph Bohner

When the Fake-Pietro was introduced into the show, it took fans by surprise. Everyone thought that Fox and MCU were combining and this was some sort of a multiverse crossover. But that was just a distraction. Ultimately, it was revealed that Fietro was just an actor named Ralph Bohner who was given powers by Agatha. He was being used to manipulate Wanda.

Which of these WandaVision plot twists surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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