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  • Jul- 2021 -
    24 July
    Marvel Universe

    9 Unfamiliar Powerful Mutants That People Aren’t Aware Of

    The X-Men are one of the most powerful beings on Earth, according to the comics. They just want to exist peacefully amongst other humans. Some of them are famous like Wolverine and Professor X. But the other unknown mutants are also equally powerful and can cause destruction at an equal level. The powers of some of the mutants are more…

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  • 24 July

    10 DC Villains Who Could Beat The Avengers

    The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes. They have dealt with all kinds of threats. They seem undefeatable, at least in MCU. Not many villains have been able to defeat them. While they might be the strongest in the MCU, this does not mean they can’t be defeated by villains from another universe. It is well known that the effect of…

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  • 22 July

    6 WandaVision Plot Twists That No One Saw Coming

    WandaVision continues the story after Avengers: Endgame. This series finally got to focus on Wanda and Vision individually. People had many expectations from the show, and it came good on every front. It introduced many new characters and some mind-boggling twists. It showed the truth of Wanda’s magic source. A new Vision was introduced. The setup seems perfect for the next…

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  • 22 July

    10 Reasons Why Christian Bale Is The Best Batman

    There have been a lot of Batman movies made. However, fans and critics agree that Christian Bale was the best Batman. He acted in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He did justice to the role. He Played Batman when superhero movies were not that popular. A lot of other actors also tried to mimic the role. The latest of them includes…

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