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9 Unfamiliar Powerful Mutants That People Aren’t Aware Of

The X-Men are one of the most powerful beings on Earth, according to the comics. They just want to exist peacefully amongst other humans. Some of them are famous like Wolverine and Professor X. But the other unknown mutants are also equally powerful and can cause destruction at an equal level. The powers of some of the mutants are more than the famous ones. They should not be ignored. Here is a list of 10 unfamiliar powerful Mutants that people aren’t aware of:


Idie Okonkwo, aka Oya, is a deceptively powerful Mutant with thermo kinetic abilities. She has both pyrokinetic and cryokinetic abilities, which means she can manipulate both fire and Ice. That makes her really powerful. She requires fire to make ice and ice to make fire, which is a very weird requirement as they are opposites in nature. Although no mutant can manipulate both Fire and Ice, which makes her one of the most dangerous mutants.

Quentin Quire

Unfamiliar Powerful Mutants

Quentin Quire is an omega level telepath with telekinetic abilities. In the comics, he is one of the most powerful psionics on Earth. Quentin’s power levels are so intense and complicated that they are not fully understood even by him. Nothing can ever be beyond his reach. Being humble was never going to be in his repertoire as his first name is Quintavius. He is currently dating Phoebe Cuckoo in secret.

The Marquis of Death

After spending billions of years mastering the reality-warping abilities Clyde became Marquis of death. He was kept unconscious by the government A bunch of villains attacked him which led to him waking up. With just a thought he can kill billions of people.

Franklin Richards

Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s first child Franklin Richards may be the most powerful Mutants on Earth. His reality manipulating abilities are potent. He appears in the Fantastic Four group of the marvel comics. Unlike Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards is very secretive about his identity. Nothing is known to the public about his identity. He is so secretive that not even all superheroes know about him.


Born 17,000 years ago Elene has plagued the world ever since. Selene. According to comics, she is an immortal witch with lots of abilities. She was once a feared X-Men villain due to her association with Hellfire Club. According to a fan theory, she is so powerful that everyone should be afraid of her.


While most of the mutants possess the powers of destruction or chaos, Exilir is an exception. He possesses the rare power of healing. He was part of an anti-mutant squad but later switched sides. As an Omega level healer, he can fix any wound and could even resurrect the dead including himself.

Mister M

Unfamiliar Powerful Mutants

Absolon Zebardyn Mercator AKA Mister M is an omega-level threat. H. His energy abilities and powers are non-measurable. Nothing is impossible for him including manipulating things at the subatomic level. The name might seem a very odd one he is surely not to be underestimated.

Gabriel Shepherd

Before the existence of mutants, proto- mutants existed. They were eliminated by humans who use to fear them. Humans believed drinking their blood could cure the black plague, but they were wrong. Gabriel Shepherd is possibly the only existing Proto-mutant. He is considered an omega level mutant, but chances are that he is even stronger than that. Very few mutants are aware of him, let alone humans.

Matthew Malloy

With a tragic back story, Matthew Malloy is the most powerful mutant to exist. He saw his wife die during the Skrull invasion. This trauma caused his mutant power to manifest later in his life. After he killed one of his friends, he killed many X-Men. Telekinetic energy manipulation, matter manipulation, and resurrection are some of his powers amongst others. He was so powerful that the only way to stop him was to stop him from being born. This task was done by a character called Tempus.

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