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10 DC Villains Who Could Beat The Avengers

The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes. They have dealt with all kinds of threats. They seem undefeatable, at least in MCU. Not many villains have been able to defeat them. While they might be the strongest in the MCU, this does not mean they can’t be defeated by villains from another universe. It is well known that the effect of 2012 remained a long way with Tony Stark. There have been instances where they are overpowered. The introduction of the Scarlet Witch was one instance. Here is a list of 10 DC villains who can beat the Avengers:

  1. Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom has the most powerful DC villains. Their power level, intelligence, and experience can outwit the Avengers. The Legion of doom has too many advantages over the Avengers. Lex Luther is smarter than the smartest among the Avengers. They are the greatest enemies of The Justice League. While Avengers might have some powerful hitters, it would be of no use as the Legion of Doom has way too many advantages over them.


  1. Brainiac

Brainiac is smarter than the Avengers combined. Brainiac travels through the cosmos in his ship. He destroys civilizations to take control over their technology. His drones fight with Superman and weapons destroy Solar systems. He also does casual atrocities in pursuit of knowledge. The Avengers might have the latest technology and arsenal, but it would no match for Brainiac’s technology and arsenal.


  1. The Crime Syndicate

The Crime Syndicate is the evil counterpart of the Justice League in the DC Universe. DC heroes are powerful than Marvel, thus making them more powerful. There are many versions of the Crime syndicates. Power might not be the only deciding factor in the fight. The powers of Ultraman, Superwoman, etc are much more than that of the Avengers.



  1. Anti-Monitor


One of the most powerful beings to exist in the DC universe is Anti-Monitor. His abilities are too much to bear. It took the heroes of five Universes to defeat him. Thanos had only killed half the universe, but Anti-Monitor destroyed infinite universes. To defeat Thanos, the Avengers faced many difficulties. But defeating Anti-Monitor is out of their league.


  1. Reverse Flash

Speedsters in DC’s Death of The Speed Force Event

Empowered by the Negative Speed Force, Reverse flash is one dangerous villain. The Avengers are too slow in front of Reverse flash. No Avenger, including Pietro, is a match for him. He would take out the Avengers in a second. He could vibrate and phase through their bodies to harm their vital organs.



  1. Darkseid

The god of evil and the lord of Apokoplis would defeat the Avengers quite easily. Darkseid is considered more powerful than Superman. He has defeated many superheroes easily and in the DCEU, he has turned a hundred thousand worlds to dust within the DCEU. The Avengers barely managed to win against Thanos, and Darkseid is much more powerful than Thanos. Heroes like Thor, Captain Marvel, and Scarlet Witch might be able to hold out a bit, but all others would fail. One blast from the Omega Beam is all that’s required by Darkseid.


  1. Perpetua

According to the DC Universe, she was one of the hands that created everything. She was imprisoned beyond the source wall. She went rampant as soon as she was released. Through her run, she teamed up with villains and defeated the Justice League. Without any support also she can defeat Avengers. Every Avenger ever can be teamed and she would still win.


8. Sinestro and his Lantern Corps.

DC Superheroes Who Became Villains

Sinestro formed his own Yellow Lantern Corps. by mastering the yellow light of fear. He and his Corps. proved to be quite a challenge for the heroes of earth. If the Avengers went against him, they will be no match. They would be defeated in seconds. Even if all the Lanterns didn’t show up, the Avengers still won’t last long. The team would take down the weaker Avengers in no time.

9. Superboy-Prime

With the power of pre-crisis Superman and the ability to move planets, the Avengers stand no chance against Superboy-Prime. He killed many of his opponents in his first fight. The magic of his universe can be used against him. This means Doctor Strange and Thor would have little effect on him. He would punch a hole in Iron Man without knowing who did it. While he is still a teen, he possesses immense powers. Those powers would be too much for Avengers to handle. Hulk might stand a little chance but, he would also end up being defeat.

10. Lex Luther

Lex Luthor spends his free time figuring out how to defeat enemies that are even more powerful than Avengers. He has created tech which can tackle Superman. Taking the Avengers down is not a big deal for him. The Avengers may be smart strategists, but they would fail in front of Lex Luthor. Exploiting their weaknesses is something that Luthor can excel in.

These were the DC Villains who could beat the Avengers. Which others could pull it off? Let us know in the comments.

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