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10 Reasons Why Christian Bale Is The Best Batman

There have been a lot of Batman movies made. However, fans and critics agree that Christian Bale was the best Batman. He acted in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He did justice to the role. He Played Batman when superhero movies were not that popular. A lot of other actors also tried to mimic the role. The latest of them includes Ben Affleck. Christoper Nolan’s trilogy had brilliant castings and a great storyline. If we had to pick the best Batman, Christian Bale would easily bag the prize. Here are 10 reasons why Christian Bale is the best Batman:

  1. Proper Story

Batman Begins had a good origin story. Christopher Nolan showed the story of Bruce Wayne’s Trauma. His parents were killed and this started his journey.  Alfred took care of him since his childhood. When Bruce became Batman, Alfred supported him. He ensured that Wayne’s name does not get vanish. This gave a wholesome approach to the Batman story. The fans were available to get the story without any confusion.  Christian Bale portrayed the role perfectly.

  1. Learns from Trauma

Bruce Wayne learns and grows from his parents’ death. In the initial stages, he thought “Justice” and “Revenge” are the same thing. This was evident in Batman Begins(2005). He lets go of his relations in order to fulfill his revenge. Throughout his journey, he went from being Batman in Batman Begins to hanging up the role of Batman after The Dark Knight Rises. He faked his death and went to a world without his celebrity status. In the final scenes of The Dark Knight Rises (2012), he was seen in peace with his life in a café. From Becoming Batman to hanging boots, Bruce Wayne learns from his trauma. This leads to his character development also.

  1. Realistic Portrayal

Christian Bale played the role in a very realistic manner and Bruce’s birthday speech was proof of it.  He preferred to be in the bad eyes of people instead of letting them caught up in the destruction. He cared about people, even though he didn’t like it. He also learned to let go of Rachel, the girl he loved. Christian Bale did justice to the role. It is hard to imagine someone else as Batman in Nolan’s Trilogy.

  1. Duality of identity

Christian Bale is the Best Batman

Christian Bale as Batman and as Bruce Wayne is two different people.  When he is in Gotham, he acts as Bruce Wayne. When he wears his cowl he becomes Batman. The thought process, the identity of both characters is different.  He used a deeper voice for Batman, which showed the duality of identity.

  1. Humanized Character

Christian Bale

Christian Bale’s Batman is very human. As Batman, he is determined to help Gotham. He wants to save Gotham from forces such as the League of Shadows. He also showed his human side to Rachael, his childhood friend.

  1. Manner of Achieving Weapons

Bruce had a clever way of acquiring weapons. The Research and Development department of Wayne Enterprises came to the rescue. All the materials required to produce weapons were purchased by the department. Lucius Fox also showed interest and got Bruce what he wanted. William Earle, the CEO had no use of R&D. This paved a way for acquiring things without anyone noticing. They also ordered stuff in bulk, at times.

  1. Skilled Fighter

Christian Bale’s character learned his skills from League of shadows. This establishes the fact that he is a skilled combatant. Bruce Wayne stops going to college as people didn’t like him there.

  1. The “No-kill” Rule

Christian Bale is the Best Batman

Christian Bale’s Batman has a rule to not kill anyone. After witnessing Henri Ducard die, Bruce Wayne adopts this rule as Batman. He thus decides to help Gotham, without killing anyone. Bale’s excellent acting allows him to humanize this decision.

  1. Related to Other Characters

Christian Bale’s skills are parallel to none.  This helps Bruce Wayne to relate to other characters. He makes the relationship feel natural with Rachael and Alfred. Alfred has a lot of speeches with Bruce which helped cement their relationship. Bale did his best as Batman while working with such great actors.

  1. Justice to the Comics

Christian Bale refused Nolan for Batman movie

The comic book Batman was bought to life by Christian Bale.  Batman Begins (2005), showed the intent for the adaption of a comic character’s story. The Dark Knight (2008), fuelled life into the trilogy. No actor would have done the role of Batman like Christian Bale did.

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