4 Most Controversial Hollywood Movies

Controversy doesn’t aggravate a movie preferable or over it as of now is. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has demonstrated that you can have all the debate blend up before its release and still topple Avatar. Take a look at these 4 most controversial Movies.

Be it Fifty Shades of Grey who destroyed wrinkle for the masses or Hollywood still not understanding why whitewashing is so unsafe, a few films roused many fascinating rounds of verbal confrontation. Others, similar to the fat shame-y vibes of Inside Out and the women’s activist motivation demolishing men’s movies like Mad Max, received their side-eye in the court of Twitter assessment.

1) Fifty Shades of Grey


A few wrinkle specialists and sex writers revolted against the questionable Fifty Shades of Grey story of the enticement of a young lady named Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) by a rich playboy who should see an advisor all the more regularly, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Although the duo gets something right, Grey’s devious and passionately rude behavior sent up red flags, and not the sexy kind.

2) Straight Outta Compton


No biopic will get everything right, except Straight Outta Compton precluded some enormous points of interest in would like to cover the past. Albeit a few scholars communicated worries about the film’s treatment of ladies and its deletion of female rappers, it wasn’t until Dee Barnes’ dooming declaration about Dr.Dre’s ambush on her that individuals truly begun discussing the revamping of history.

In 1991, the then-TV show host was tossed down a flight of stairs, kicked and had her head hammered against a divider by the popular N.W.A. front man. You don’t recall that scene in Compton since it doesn’t exist, and Barnes is no place to be specified, despite the fact that it was her meeting with Ice Cube dissing his previous N.W.A. mates that set Dr.Dre off.

3) Chi-Raq


Spike Lee’s most recent venture, Chi-raq, takes viewers to a fictionalized Chicago torn separated by pack fighting. Tired of unnecessary gore, ladies from the warring groups blacklist sex to instruct their men a lesson in tranquil resistance. Yes, it is built on the well-known antiquated Greek play of Lysistrata, however, Lee’s overhauled form got another set of issues with its treatment of dark ladies.

Pieces about the movie called attention to that the courageous women of this tale were decreased to hyper-sexualized cartoons, which is a figure of speech dark ladies in movies are frequently held to. This is before considering the genuine rate of sexual brutality against dark ladies and the intimation that viciousness and sex are connected.

4) Fantastic Four/Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Regardless of the dreary quantities of on-screen assorted qualities, when science fiction and comic book series chose to venture up their inclusive diversion, some white fanboys took this as an attack against uprightness. In spite of the fact that studios ought to likely quit attempting to make Fantastic Four happen in any case, this 2015 reboot exchanged things up by throwing the skilled Michael B. Jordan as the gathering’s Johnny Storm. Bigot fanboys vented via web-based networking media ,where some of them appeared again to cry about John Boyega’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens make a big appearance as a Stormtrooper.

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