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How Disney+ Could Redeem The Wasted Ronin Story From Endgame

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a sprawling universe filled with all kinds of fantastic things. It has characters of all kinds and places we have never explored. The most recent example of this diversity is witnessed in What If…? with multiversal versions of the character we are encountering. It makes us think about what kind of troubleshooting happens in writing sessions for movies. Like did they consider giving Hawkeye a bigger part in Endgame or did they just let go of the idea when they thought that Ronin could do better in a series? The latter seems more likely because the character is wasted in Endgame. Here’s how Disney+ could redeem the wasted Ronin story from Endgame.

Ronin is an alter ego of Clint Barton who is considered a threat in the Marvel multiverse. Simply put, it is a Hawkeye gone absolutely bonkers. He moves with intent and destroys without hesitation, the power of Ronin is not his tactical skill or accuracy, it is the attitude and ruthless precision with which he chooses to use it. It could have become a very nice thing to witness in the MCU. Clint’s slow descent into homicidal madness. We would have fallen in love with the character because we would have related to him because of his grief. Loss is a pain everyone can understand and none more so the man who saw his family disappear in front of his eyes.


Wasted Ronin Story From Endgame

The Endgame treatment of the character was a bit weird, to say the least. The movie starts with a time jump from the end of Infinity War. The purpose is to instill a sense of dread in us and a sense of continuity, of things moving on without the heroes having moved forward. often with traumatic events, we fixate on an issue for a long time. In this case, Ronin was the perfect character to embody the sentiment because even though he was not involved in the fight he was still the one who lost the most.

But the movie did a very bad job of showing us this. The writers may have wanted to save the best moments for the Hawkeye series that is scheduled for release soon but this brought down the quality of the movie and made light of Ronin’s pain. Hawkeye was found murdering a bunch of criminals in a foreign country wearing a mask that no one has seen before. He was living a lawless life of revenge meant to satiate his rage. But he could never quench his thirst for blood, so he prowled in the twilight. Perched atop a steep ledge he looked for targets, bad men, nasty men, the filth of humankind. He wanted them razed from existence because he no longer wanted to sit by the wayside.

The more interesting part of the entire thing is that Hawkeye only ever wanted to protect his family, he never wished to be a crusader for good. For him, fighting and defending was only ever a job, a job he was very good at… but a job nonetheless. In actuality, Hawkeye is probably the most normal character on the team and we really love that about him. Among Super Soldiers, Gods, Geniuses, and killer assassins, he was the normal one.

The Redemption

Wasted Ronin Story From Endgame

But it has now become clear why Marvel Studios decided to truncate the Hawkeye storyline in Avengers: Endgame. The idea seems to be to make sure that they can keep everything under wraps for the actual series. Clint has been on a journey between Infinity War and Endgame. The writers want us to wait for a little longer before we find out the details about it. It is likely that the adventure was full of action and drama and has some emotional weight to it. We might also get to see why Hawkeye never contacted the Avengers after the fiasco and the snapping of Thanos’ finger.

As of yet, we cannot really speculate any further, but we sincerely hope that MCU will use this chance of the HawkEye series to help explain some of these matters. We love an intertwined story and enjoy one that deals with things that already happened by enhancing them and not changing them. Do you think this might be a good way for Marvel to go about it? DO you think Hawkeye deserves a redemption arc? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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