The Deleted Cameo of Matthew Perry In Don’t Look Up Explained

Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is definitely the satire that we needed in this day and it is one of the most meta projects that we have gotten to witness so far. The movie has a massive cast featuring major heavyweights and they surely give some of their best performances. It is hardly believable that big names like these would appear for a political satire like this movie. But Adam Mckay has made his name with such projects and at the same time has some rather heavy cast in his projects. Let’s take a look at the deleted cameo of Matthew Perry in Don’t Look Up and what the possible explanation for the edit could have been.

Don’t Look Up

The movie is filled with a talented cast and it features a narrative that hints at the events of what has happened in the past year. It was entirely unintentional according to director Adam McKay, as he even mentioned that he was shocked to see that things were taking a similar turn as the shooting was paused during the pandemic. With the Academy Award-winning duo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence leading the project, there was a lot to unpack in the movie. Others involved in the project included stars like Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timope Chalamet, Tyler Perry, Cate Blanchett, and also Chris Evans in a minor cameo.


But fans might have missed a chance to see another major actor in the movie when Friends star Matthew Perry’s cameo was cut. He was announced to be a part of the movie way early during the development of the project and seeing him return to movies with a project like this surely would have been exciting. The actor hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2009’s 17 Again. He is known for his comedic chops and his sarcastic way of comedy and it would have been a perfect fit for a movie like Don’t Look Up. Let’s take a look at what character he might have played in the Netflix comedy.


Deleted Cameo of Matthew Perry In Don’t Look Up

The movie featured a lot of actors giving cameo performances but Matthew Perry was seen filming a scene with Jonah Hill which actually got cut from the final movie. Perry was spotted on the set of Don’t Look Up with Jonah Hill and he appeared to be a political ally. This scene was actually when Jason Orleans played by Hill is addressing an event that is against the incoming comet. In a photograph from People, Matthew Perry was seen next to a Kid Rock impersonator during the filming of the movie back in 2020.


Deleted Cameo of Matthew Perry

As it can be seen that Perry appears to be a character wearing a suit and speaking during the rally, he has to be a political ally of President Orlean played by Meryl Streep. The movie never actually ended up revealing who was the Vice Preside, this might have been the very character that Perry was playing. But no details regarding this character have been released by either the director Adam McKay or Perry himself. From a quick shot of this scene, it can be seen that the Kid Rock impersonator appears toward the left of the stage and this is right before Jason Orlean announces the text from his mother which says, “Don’t trip.


Matthew Perry In Don’t Look Up

There has been no proper reasoning given for the reason behind this character being cut from the movie. But the possible reason behind this could be the lengthy runtime of the movie which is 2 hours and 35 minutes. This is already too long for a movie that is supposed to be a political and social satire and does not have anything massively essential to offer for the audience. There are fans who have said that they might have spotted him in a scene right before the crowd starts throwing objects at Jonah Hill.


Don’t Look Up is now streaming on Netflix. Did you like this movie? Let us know in the comments.

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