Arrow Season 5: This Insane Theory Explains How Laurel Lance Could Still Be Alive

All the Arrow fans have been waiting for the mid-season finale in the aftermath of greatest crossover event ever attempted on TV. It was based on the comic-book storyline of Super Friends coming together to fight the Dominators, a technologically advanced alien race hell bent on destroying the potential threat of Earth’s meta-humans. Finally, the alien threat was contained and everyone (Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends) returned to their respective cities/earths.

The episode began where it left off when Artemis revealed her true identity as someone who is working with Prometheus to take down Green Arrow. While the identity of the Prometheus is still unknown, but it’s been established that he is the son of a fallen pharmaceutical tycoon Justin Clayborn who was killed by “the Hood” as he failed the city by price gouging the essential medicine, rendering it unaffordable to thousands of families. Prometheus has destroyed Quentin Lance, severely hurt Curtis/Mister Terrific outside a party hall which led to his separation with his boyfriend, Oliver killed Billy Malone (boyfriend of Felicity) and Diggle is recaptured by the military. It seemed that everything is falling apart until someone totally unexpected shows up – Laurel Lance.

How is this possible? She was murdered by the evil Damien Darhk, also she can’t be brought back through Lazarus pit as it was tanked by Nysa Ahl Ghul after she took control of the League of Assassins from Malcolm Merlyn. Marc Guggenheim (the show creator) confirmed that it’s neither Flashpoint nor Flashbacks. Fans thought if that is the case then there is just one way to see Katie Cassidy onscreen, maybe her doppelganger on Earth-2 ‘Black Siren’ comeback to Earth-1. But that’s not the case either, it’s original Laurel Lance and Oliver ain’t in dominator matrix.

Arrow Season 5 Laurel Lance

So what’s the catch? Well, now we know that both Oliver & Prometheus were trained by the same woman Talia Al Ghul in Russia, Lexa Doig has already been cast for the role and will be seen in flashbacks. Her ties to League of Assassins is not a coincidence, she may be involved with resurrecting Black Canary. At Facebook live, Stephen Amell said “Obviously people don’t just come back from the dead, so there has to be some sort of vetting process to make sure that it is Laurel because the group has seen some peculiar things. We delve into that when we come back in the New Year.” CHEERS!