5 Ways In Which Loki Has Tortured Thor (No. 2 Is A Real Shocker)

Loki, the God of mischief had lived with Odin and Thor since he was n infant. Not physically powerful than Thor he used his charm and cunning nature to go toe to toe with the Norse God of Thunder. Here are the top ways in which he has hurt Thor:

Almost Killed Sif

Lady Sif and Thor were once lovers and still had a soft corner for each other. After the events of Ragnarok, Loki was returned to Asgard, but he was brought back as a woman. He still was internally evil though and it was later revealed that he was actually in Lady Sif’s body, whereas the soul was trapped in the body of a dying woman. Even worse, she was given a mirror in which she still looked the same and couldn’t tell Thor anything.

Created Almost All of Thor’s Enemies

thor: ragnarok

Well, Loki can’t be up to any good, ever. He is the one responsible for most of Thor’s enemies. Either he frees them from eternal prisons or gives normal human super power. One such case is about the ‘Absorbing Man’, as his name suggests, the guy can absorb any material he touches and take its form, he as well as the Destroyer, they were created or freed by Loki.

Made Thor Look Crazy

Loki, with all his mischief, when was the Ultimate Loki, had the power to warp reality. He shapes shifted into the head of the Europian Defence initiative. He told everyone that Thor was actually his delusional brother, who was experimented upon. Even turning every superhero to believe that Thor is crazy and dangerous, making all of them fight Thor.

He Killed Kid Loki

This might sound a bit strange, so let us clarify this for you. Once died saving the Avengers. Reborn, he had no recollection of his past deeds and evil life, he was a great brother and Thor loved him more than anyone, but the old Loki returns, because..well these are comics and he kills the kid Loki in order to let Thor suffer a world of pain.

He Caused Ragnarok


Loki, since turning against Thor had a plan of bringing about Ragnarok and causing the destruction of all Asgard. Even though there were a lot of failed attempts, but he did it once and Asgard was in shambles. Though Thor eventually won, a lot of friends and Asgardians died.

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