5 Superheroes Who Were Beaten By Black Panther

Black Panther, the king of Wakanda is one of the fiercest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Often underestimated, the guy’s speed is his weapon above all. He’s taken down some of the biggest superheroes of the universe. Here is a list of some of them:

Iron Man

In the story ‘Enemy Of The State 2’ where there is a lot of corporate takeovers, Wolverine and Iron Man play important roles along with Black Panther in the picture. Iron Man (Owner of Stark Industries) in the final battle is faced by T’Challa, who he fights in his custom made, anti-Black Panther armor Panther wins though, also stopping Stark’s artificial heart for a while.


When Deadpool gets into the headquarters of the ultimates, to fight the one who could predict the events of the future, Inhuman Ulysses, he’s spotted by Black Panther. Deadpool being Deadpool, of course, doesn’t want to give in and wants his way, who is then beaten brutally by Black Panther and in the end thrown out of the window.


In the earlier days, X-Men fighting the Avengers was not so common. After Scarlet Witcmoralh and Quick Silver rejoin the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants and capture the X-Men, the Avengers come to stop them. Cyclops misunderstands Panther and is about to press the button, but just before that, Panther using his ferocity attacks him and gets him down the ground.

Captain America

One is a super soldier, while the other the king of Wakanda. Both, self-righteous and morally upright, it sure is fun seeing them get into a fight. When they did in the comics, the panther easily beat Captain America, to which Cap later said, he wasn’t funny involved in the fight. Just wanted to test if it was the real guy or a spy sent by Tony.


black panther

Ororo Munroe and T’Challa were childhood lovers, this was way before them becoming a member of the X-Men and Balck Panther respectively. In Avengers VS X-Men the then-married couple goes head on with each other. Panther nullifies her powers with his machinery leaving Storm pissed at him for having him made contingency plans for her.

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