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Loki: Why Was There A Broken Time Keeper Statue In The Citadel?

The Disney+ series Loki has finally given us the multiverse in a rather dramatic fashion. The God and Goddess of Mischief finally found their way to the Citadel at the end of time. There, they were first greeted by MIss Minutes who made them an offer. She said that they can exist on the same timeline, and lead a life so peaceful, something that they never did. But they refused and started marching down the Citadel. Before they met He Who Remains, they found a broken Time Keeper statue in the Citadel. Who’s statue was it? Let’s find out.

Was there a fourth Broken Time Keeper Statue?

Broken Time Keeper Statue

During their confrontation, there were all sorts of topics such as Alioth, variants, multiversal war, etc. But the broken statue was never spoken of. Well, this is a deep dive into the Marvel comic history. This broken statue is of the fourth Time-Keeper who was a cosmic being with an incredible degree of temporal awareness. For some reason, the Time-Keeper was banished by He Who Remains where it took up the identity of the Oracle of Siwa. And of course, it went on to become a notable figure in Egyptian history.

Even when Alexander the Great was conquering the known world, he traveled to the Oracle to have his rule of Egypt legitimized. The Oracle of Siwa has more such instances. Now, this is also a nod to the lesser-known Fantastic Four stories. It was published in 2015’s Fantastic Four #15-18, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and featuring art by Jim Muniz.

In the present day, Reed Richards (F4) naturally became interested in the activities of Oracle of Siwa. And he declared her to be one of the Time-Keepers. Moreover, when he and other members of the Fantastic Four were stranded in ancient Egypt, they resorted to her help. This could be just another reference to the upcoming Fantastic Four directed by John Watts. Only if we were to reach.

Broken Time Keeper Statue

As for Loki, the oracle of Siwa could have developed enough resistance to He Who Remains’ control.  Considering that she’s a Time Keeper, Loki has shown them to be mindless android puppets under the control of He Who Remains. So as for the MCU, either this Time Keeper was destroyed, or banished somewhere in time where there’s no return. So this actually leaves a possibility that we might just see a fourth Time Keeper turning up at some point.

Loki is currently streaming on Disney+. Who do you think the Broken Time Keeper Statue belonged to? Let us know in the comments.

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