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15 Easter Eggs in Shang-Chi That You Might Have Missed

Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings is out and it getting some rave reviews from the critics. Even the fans are absolutely adoring it, and it’d be safe to say that this film is among the best films of the year so far. Like every MCU movie, it had a ton of references and Easter Eggs. So, here are some of the most important Easter eggs in Shang-Chi. Take a look and tell us if you missed any:

The 10 Rings

In the movie, Li tells Shang-Chi that the rings were found by Wenwu in either a tomb or a crater. This is very different from the comic origins where they are found by The Mandarin in a crashed spaceship full of aliens.


The 10 Rings work very differently in the movie than they did in the comics. They seem to work-life power discs in the movie while in the comics each ring had its own separate power. Teach of them had a legendary warrior trapped in them and had a corresponding power to that warrior.

Death Dealer

Comic fans might be familiar with the teacher of Shang-Chi in the movie, he is none other than the mysterious figure known as the death dealer in the comics. He had a different role there but his skill set was still the same.


Xu Wenwu

The name Wenwu as dropped by The leader of the Ten Rings is a nod to Mandarin’s real name in the comics which is Xu Wenwu. It is nice to see MCU becoming more and more comic accurate as things move forward.

All hail the Queen

Easter Eggs in Shang-Chi

The post-credits scene is all about Xialing and her rise to power as the next legitimate leader of the ten rings. It is prudent to mention that this has happened briefly in the comics, as Shang-Chi’s sister briefly took over the Ten Rings. But as far as the story goes this is unchartered territory.


All Hail The King

We were surprised to see Ben Kingsley reprise his role as Trevor Slattery in the MCU, but it was nice to see continuity in the Universe. Not only did we get a conclusion to the ending of “All Hail The King” but Trevor also made himself useful, finally.

Ying and Yang

Much of the movie was inspired by the mystical and Mythic beasts of Chinese mythology. But what was most impressive was the great protector, an ancient dragon who formed the Ying and Yang at the end of the movie, symbolizing the balance between the heavens and the earth. The Great Protector is also a replacement for the alien dragon, Fin Fang Foom.



Dijiang is an ancient mythical Chinese creature. It has several pairs of feet, wings but no face, eyes or ears. They roam the Lang bringing chaos and confusion where they go, which seems about accurate.

Shishi (Guardian Lions)

The shishi was another recognizable mystical creature straight from Chinese mythology portrayed in the film. They are normally known as Guardian lions or Fu Dogs and are placed outside palaces and such to invoke the protection of the ancients. They are powerful beasts and are seen guarding the village.


Helen from the Red Room, and an Extremis Soldier

Marvel’s Shang-Chi points towards the Black Widow with their underground fight club. There is an agent from the Red Room named Helen fighting against an Extremis Soldier. In a blink and you’ll miss it moment Marvel gives us callbacks to two different movies.

Easter Eggs in Shang-Chi

This is Helen from Black Widow.


Ancient Eternal Technology

At the end of the movie, Wong analyses the Ten Rings and the beacon inside them. Banner tells the team that the bracelets are much older than just a thousand years. This is most likely a reference to Eternals as only they are capable of making such technology so long ago.

The Raft

Abomination and Wong are seen going into a portal after their fight. By closely analyzing the footage we have concluded that Wong is taking Blonsky back to the raft. A prison created by Tony Stark for high-value threats such as him.


Set up for She-Hulk?

The movie also sets up several things for the She-Hulk series including the partnership between Wong and Abomination. They are supposed to be training together? For what? We will likely find out in the series She-Hulk.

In The Shadows

The Ten Rings is an organization that has always worked in the shadows in the MCU, much like Hydra. They have always been very shady about their operations. We got a look at just how many bad things they have done in their time of existence. Upon analyzing the footage it can be seen that the Ten Rings we’re the ones behind toppling The Napolean Regime in France, which is astounding but not surprising.

Did you catch these Easter eggs in Shang-Chi? Let us know how you found the film.

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