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The Origin, Powers and Abilities of Doctor Fate Explained

It’s time to look at the strongest and the founding member of the squad, Kent Nelson, aka Doctor Fate. Played by former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, DC is finally introducing someone who could take on the likes of MCU’s Doctor Strange. While his appearance and mystical prowess remind us of Doctor Strange, let me tell you that he is a very different character. So, read on to find out the origin, powers, and abilities of Doctor Fate.

Fate is accompanied by Nabu, who resides in his magical helmet and acts as his spiritual guide and mentor. Along with the helmet, his powers come from his cloak and amulet. He is the son of an archaeologist called Sven Nelson.


Until now, Fate has made several appearances in Animated shows like Justice League Unlimited. And he even made a live-action appearance in Smallville. But Black Adam is where we will truly embrace Kent Nelson in all his glory. Before he arrives in the movie, let’s learn a little about his origins and powers. Doctor Fate is a powerful sorcerer who fights against evil as an agent for the Lords of Order. He made his debut in More Fun Comics issue number 55, which came out in 1940. So yea, he is much older than Doctor Strange.


Origin of Doctor Fate

Once upon a time back in 1920, Sven and his son went on an expedition in Mesopotamia, and they came across an underground pyramid. Here, Kent released the immortal being Nabu who was trapped there in suspended animation. Nabu hailed from the planet Celia and had been trapped in the pyramid for centuries. Kent was excited to see him, but sadly while releasing Nabu, he accidentally released a poisonous gas that killed his father.


Seeing the grief-stricken boy, Nabu took Kent under his wing. He taught him science that was so advanced that it came to be called magic. Then as Kent grew up, he took on his blue and Golden suit and became Doctor Fate. But then his origin story kept on getting retold. Readers discovered that Kent Nelson didn’t become Doctor Fate, but he was possessed by a separate entity called Doctor Fate. And then it was revealed that Nabu wasn’t an alien but an eternal Lord of Order. So as Kent finished his training, Nabu commanded him to free his spirit from his body.


As an independent spirit, Nabu would have fully merged with Kent. But ultimately, he began to reside in Kent’s helmet. So when Kent wears his helmet, he and Nabu become one. Together, they are arguably the strongest sorcerer in the entire DC Universe. And then there’s Kent’s wife, Inza, who plays a considerable role in his fight against evil. She allows Doctor Fate to reach his full potential.


Powers and Abilities of Doctor Fate

Being a knowledgeable practitioner of magic, you’ve got to believe that Doctor Fate knows thousands of spells. He could do things that range between anything and everything. Nabu provided Kent Nelson with limited powers and the ability to use magic. But the primary source of his strength is his helmet. He is granted magic that’s hitherto undreamt when he wears his helmet.


Powers and Abilities of Doctor Fate

His superhuman strength grows significantly. He becomes insanely durable. There was an instance in the comics where Spectre, one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, threw him through infinite dimensions. And Doctor Fate was able to survive that. Wearing the helmet, he also becomes invulnerable. He can fly and phase through objects. He can even lift objects through telekinesis. He can use magical energy to generate and fire concentrated beams of power that would prove lethal against any opponent. He can also teleport himself and others.


You’d be surprised to know that Doctor Fate can even tell if someone’s intentions are good or evil by detecting their aura. He can summon some solid mystical objects. For instance, he once brought in chains so strong that Superman could use them to pull continents apart. He can also summon mystical lightning. He can create force fields that protect him and others from energy-based attacks and other attacks.


Some of his abilities are similar to Doctor Strange’s, as he can perform Astral projections. He can project illusions and multiple call-in versions of himself at once. And in the Black Adam trailer, we even saw him using a mirror dimension-like attack. So clearly, Doctor Fate has got all sorts of crazy abilities. Apart from his helmet, he possesses the powerful Amulet of Anubis. This amulet also enables his magical abilities. And then there’s the cloak of levitation. Umm, sorry, I mean the cloak of destiny. This cloak allows Doctor Fate to resist fire, chaos magic, and other mystical attacks.


Besides the powers he possesses as a sorcerer, Kent Nelson is a capable surgeon. He has a doctorate in Archaeology. He is proficient with combat styles like Jujitsu. And he can even speak multiple languages. So really, he is a complete package that even supersedes Doctor Strange. Removing his helmet does weaken him significantly, but he just becomes unbeatable wearing it.


So, these were the origin, powers, and abilities of Doctor Fate. Are you guys excited to see Doctor Fate in Black Adam? Let us know in the comments.

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