12 Actors Who Were Cast In Wrong Roles In Superhero Movies

Mostly, the casting of actors in comic book movies is just perfect and spot on, for example, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, etc. But sometimes the actors cast in comic book roles are just not meant for those roles. Here is a list of actors cast in roles which did not fit them.

Kate Bosworth – Lois Lane

Kate Bosworth was cast as the bold and energetic girlfriend of Superman, Lois Lane in 2005’s Superman Returns. Even though the script of the movie did not offer her much to do except to become a potential side character, but she herself fell short in various aspects of the role. When he was cast in the role, fans believed that she is too young for the role s she was only 22 years old and they were correct.

Ben Affleck – Daredevil

Kevin Smith recently revealed that Affleck only signed on to play Daredevil just because he thought that he would never get to play Batman. Well if only he would have been a little patient. Now if we look back at that movie, we could definitely figure that Affleck only acted in the way an actor would in a second choice role, making an already dull movie even worse.

Shaq –Steel

Well, the movie is just as awful as the casting was, but the idea of breathing life into a b-list hero was a good one. If a different actor would have been there, it might have done some good but Shaq’s acting skills were far below poor. He made an already bad movie into a movie that should never have been made.

January Jones – Emma Frost

An enchantress with exceptional psionic capacities, Emma Frost, has turned out to be referred to among comic fans as a character with adaptable ethics. Naturally introduced to a damaging family, she was put into a mental foundation by her dad taking after the revelation of her clairvoyant forces. After that, she served as Sebastian Shaw’s understudy as a major aspect of the Hellfire Club until joining the X-Men, where she turned into an instructor for the talented youthful mutants and began an issue with Cyclops. As an individual from Shaw’s Hellfire Club, Jones puts on a show of being uninterested and without any indications of the inward clash. Her interpretation of Frost indicated she simply wasn’t the right decision for the part.

Scott Eastwood – GQ

Clint Eastwood’s son Scott who is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now was brought in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which was already filled with A-list actors, as GQ. A side character whose only cool aspect in the movie was wearing a backward cap. People thought he might have been cast as Dick Grayson/Nightwing or even Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. But all those were rumors and we got this crap.

Jennifer Garner – Elektra

Well in the Daredevil movie, the load of criticism was a bit off the shoulders of Garner, but after that when she showed up in her own solo movie as Elektra, we all knew that Marvel has not learned anything from its mistakes with Daredevil.

James Franco – Harry Osborn

Fun-fact: It was actually Franco who was being considered for the role of Peter Parker in the first Spidey Trilogy, but then Tobey Maguire came in and Franco got the part of Harry Osborn. Well, the contrast of the movies would have been so different if Franco played Peter Parker, but instead, his talents were diminished with a role of a sort of side character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Freeze

Well, everything about Joe Schumacher’s Batman and Robin was just so insanely wrong. One of those was Arnold as Mr. Freeze. Even though he was the best performance out of the rest of the cast, still he was just a bag full of ice puns in the movie. His performance made the character worse than a cartoon.

Jessie Eisenberg – Lex Luthor

Well Jessie Eisenberg normally is a brilliant actor and when the casting happened, people thought that a talented actor like him might pull off the role, but his mannerisms just did not suit the role at all. The way he performed the character, just felt like a badly acted Joker.

Jaime Foxx – Electro

Jamie Foxx — a smooth, Academy Award winning on-screen character with a demonstrated capacity to play a rebel. As cool foes go, he appeared like an A+ applicant. Just, Electro’s adjusted inner self, Maxwell, is a uber-geek with an awful bald spot and thick-rimmed glasses, a part which appears to be sick fit for the performing artist. His part in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels fiercely unconvincing by examination.

Nicholas Cage – Ghost Rider

Given Nicolas Cage’s rundown of insane exhibitions and his die hard dedication to comic books, we’re not pointing the finger at him for needing to play the double turned flaring soul of retribution in the Ghost Rider movies. Rather, we’ll credit this miscasting to the generation group that chose it was a smart thought to cast a moderately aged on-screen character as the youthful, ordinary blonde Johnny Blaze. While Cage is a long way from the most exceedingly awful execution on our rundown, he certainly runs over the edge with his conveyance, frequently going too far with his trademark force and boisterous expressions.

Willem Dafoe – Nuidis Vulko (and not as Joker)


Fans have rooted so long for Dafoe to play Joker because he is the only one who could pull off a great interpretation of a Joker just like Mark Hamill. He looks cynical, threatening and happy at the same time, which we saw in the first Spiderman movie when he played Green Goblin. Instead, he has been cast as Nuidis Vulko, a small villain in the upcoming Aquaman. Even though his performance turns out to be good, but still fans would have loved him as the Joker because he is just perfect. And this is not possible anymore.

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