10 Sci-Fi Remakes You Had No Idea Were Hitting Theaters Pretty Soon

Who doesn’t love good old science fiction?!? Sci-Fi movies are those that actually challenge the norm and show us a landscape, a future that could be or should be, whether we like it or not is a different thing. Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic or Space Drama or maybe just a mix and match of other genres with sci-fi like sci-fi action or sci-fi adventure?? We all watch it for the CGI and the special effects but science fiction is much more than that. It may paint a pretty picture or it may make do with an ugly one. We can never be sure. A hundred years of Hollywood has given us several successful sci-fi movies and franchises. But did you know some of their remakes are actually hitting the Big Screens pretty soon?? Presenting 10 sci-fi remakes you had no idea were hitting theaters sooner than you think…


 The 1987 movie was the first to mix survival horror with sci-fi to give us a psychotic experience of a man trying to do his best against a better equipped and highly trained alien hunter from outer space. Predator’s remake will be headed by Shane Black (Director of Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys). Starring Olivia Munn and Jacob Tremblay, the movie is set to release on 3rd August 2019.

Inspector Gadget

The man who also doubled as a Swiss army knife, Inspector Gadget was all the rage during the 80’s and the 90’s. But the 1999 remake really tarnished his image. There were talks of a remake in 2015 and it was set to release on 2019. While we still don’t have any news of a director, actor or writer joining the cast and crew, we are hopeful.

Your Name

Your Name was truly a wonderful movie. The 2016 Body Swap romance won the hearts of millions of viewers. Following its success, J.J. Abrams will head a live-action Hollywood remake of the same. But the trickiest part would be not to whitewash the minority characters. Something Hollywood is infamous for nowadays.

Short Circuit

 The movie that actually capitalized on the success of another to make its own franchise, Short Circuit’s premises is eerily similar to E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial. The only difference is we have robots instead of aliens. Short Circuit was a complete family entertainer. The remake, headed by Tim Hill, will focus on darker subjects like mortality and life.

The Six Million Dollar Man

 The 1970’s classic TV Series about a bionic Astronaut who also is an American Secret agent was almost always rumored to be in the works for a sequel. Jim Carrey even reportedly auditioned for the role. The movie never happened. Mark Wahlberg finally announced in 2016 that he will direct and star in the Six Million Dollar Man.

Star Gate

 One of the most well-known sci-fi TV Shows ever, Star Gate revolves around titular objects of the same name that are wormholes to other worlds. The 90’s movie did not do so well. Writer-Director Roland Emmerich is set to change that with a trilogy of sorts and a complete reboot.  WB and MGM have also joined the fray.

Weird Science

 The 1985 Sci-Fi flick directed by John Hughes is a time revered classic that will soon be forgotten if something is not done about it. Enter Universal Studios. After the success of 21 Jump Street with its raunchy, edgy humor, their next project was announced to be Weird Science. The remake could give birth to a successful franchise if done right.

Green Lantern Corps

 The 2011 movie was a catastrophe. Hopefully, Warner Bros. will make up for it by introducing the Green Lantern Corps into the DCEU. The movie won’t be featuring one or two but the entire Corps. Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner will all appear in the movie. With a huge budget, the WB finally is going guns blazing.

Men in Black

Men in Black is one of the most popular franchises of the Sci-Fi genre, thanks in no small part to the acting chops and comic timing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The remakes will be a spinoff of the original trilogy and will feature new faces and characters. But there is still hope for Agent J and K to show up in a cameo. The movie has a May 2019 release date.


sci-fi remakes

 Akira was the original animated blockbuster. It was edgy, bold and amazing. The movie Inception was also influenced by the landscape of Akira, as told by Christopher Nolan himself. In fact, Nolan was in a long line of directors who proposed to make a remake out of it, along with Jordan Peele and George Miller. But another Japanese masterpiece could not be ricked being whitewashed. Taika Watiti (Thor: Ragnarok) is the director of the remake and has promised to keep the ethnicity of the movie intact.

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