6 Times When You Feel Too Homesick

Being away from home for a really long time can be too hard at times. Here are a few of those moments when you feel so. Find out if you’ve already felt homesick during these times.

1. Been Away For Too Long For The First Time

If you have been home for most of your life for a long time and you’ve suddenly had a long period of time to be away from home as well as the people you love, you will definitely feel homesick. Sometimes, it might get way too much of a feeling that you’d want to cry yourself out.

2. When You Miss The Person You Could Be When You Are At Home

When you are away and you dont feel like yourself anymore, you start to miss the person you really were and the fact that you really could be yourself at home. After all that is what home is all about.

3. Feel Suffocated Even When You Are With Your Family Members

When you are away for a long time and you don’t feel like yourself anymore, it doesn’t matter if you are with your family members or not, you do feel suffocated at times when you are either extremely shy to say something or feel that it wouldn’t matter even if you did so you just don’t bother.

4. The Expectations Of A Certain Thing Go Wrong

You do expect certain things from a particular trip or any get-away before it all even starts. You imagine things and make pictures in your head that you wish would come out that way. At times, though, it doesn’t happen that way. When the things start happening against of your expectations, it feels weird and you start to feel homesick.

5. When You Miss Specific People Way Too Much

You spend all your time with particular people in your normal and routine life. You are habitual to those. You feel incomplete without all of them and you feel that something is missing when they are not around. You start to miss them way too much and time seems to have stopped. The missing that you have for them makes you feel homesick.

6. When You Miss The Place And All Its Comfort

Home is a place full of comfort. You have nothing to worry about at your home. It is a place where everything you have will make you feel comfortable and happy too. When you can not be at that place for a really long time and you start to miss it, it is then that you realize how homesick you are.

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Shubhrika Dogra

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