Here Are The Answers To 10 Common Questions About Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner has been a part of the MCU for almost a decade now. Fans also got to see a ruthless Barton as he took on the persona of Ronin during Avengers: Endgame after his family became a victim of the Blip. Now, Renner’s Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye will get the chance to shine in his own Disney+ series titled Hawkeye. But he won’t be alone. He will be accompanied by Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. But before Hawkeye makes his way to Disney+, let’s take a look at the answers to 10 commonly asked questions about Hawkeye:

1. Who Created Clint Barton?

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Just like many Marvel characters, Hawkeye is also created by Stan Lee. But to bring him to life, Lee needed Don Heck’s assistance. So Clint Barton is created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. Just like in the MCU, Clinton Francis Barton was quick to join the Avengers. However, he wasn’t a founding member as shown in The Avengers. He joined the Avengers in May 1965’s Avengers #16.

2. When Did He Make His First Appearance?

This is a very interesting fact that comic book readers aren’t aware of. Hawkeye debuted in 1964’s Tales of Suspense #57 and was a villain. Black Widow and Hawkeye were after Iron Man’s technology and he was the main element of the story. Hawkeye followed Black Widow in her shenanigans as he was in love with her. They both ambushed Stark and tried to steal his tech by force. But eventually, she abandoned him by the end.

3. Which Teams Has He Been Part Of?

Questions About Hawkeye

In the MCU, we know that Hawkeye has been a part of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. But in the comics, he has been a part of one too many teams and has many accolades under his name. These teams include the Defenders, the West Coast Avengers, the Wild Pack, Avengers Academy, Great Lakes Avengers, Secret Avengers, World Counter-terrorism Agency, New Avengers, and the Thunderbolts. Apart from this, he also had partnerships with characters like Kate Bishop, Black Widow, and Mockingbird.

4. Who Is His Archnemesis?

Barton’s archnemesis is Crossfire. He isn’t necessarily an established nemesis as he’s mostly been a part of team-ups. He is the one who’s responsible for Hawkeye’s loss of hearing. In Hawkeye #4, Hawkeye used a sonic arrow to counter Crossfire’s attacks. The latter has often popped up with a personal grudge against the hero.

5. What Makes Him A Unique Superhero?

Hawkeye has a severe hearing disability. As mentioned above, this is the courtesy of Crossfire. Be it anything, he did not let this stop him and he didn’t get comfortable with this disability. Rather he fought back and used a hearing aid which allowed him to get some of his hearing ability. Hawkeye also knows how to use sign language as a means of communication.

6. What Aliases Has He Used?

In the MCU, we have seen him use two aliases. First, of course, is Hawkeye. Second is Ronin, his vigilante persona. Hawkeye first debuted in Tales of Suspense #57 and Ronin debuted in New Avengers #27. But what the fans do not know is that he has two more aliases. He is also known as Goliath and Golden Archer. The former debuted in Avengers #63 and the latter in Captain America #179.

7. What Skills & Abilities Does He Possess?

Questions About Hawkeye

Hawkeye is particularly known for his marksmanship and fighting skills. But there was a time when he had super abilities. When he debuted as Goliath, he made use of Pym particles to change shape and size. Otherwise, it’s his tricky arrows that help him hold his own. A fun fact for non-comic book readers – Hawkeye was trained by Captain America in martial arts!

8. What Is His Family Background?

Clint’s mother was referred to as Edith Barton in The Avengers, which is the same for comics as well. His father, Harold Barton was an alcoholic who died in a car crash along with Edith. This left Clint with his elder brother Barney. Later, Barney was taken by Zemo and brainwashed to be a villain who went by the name of Trickshot. When both the brothers joined the carnival, Barney became disillusioned by life and Clint couldn’t save him.

9. Who Are His Love Interests?

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The MCU has changed a lot when it comes to Hawkeye’s relationships. In the MCU, he has one wife whose name is Laura. But in the comics, he has had many relationships. Everyone knows about Black Widow. But he, later on, went to date his Thunderbolt member Moonstone. Apart from that, he had flings with the Wasp, Echo, Scarlet Witch, and was married to Bobbi Morse, also known as Mockingbird.

10. What Alternate Versions Of The Characters Are There?

The Hawkeye that we see in the MCU is an alternate incarnation. He belongs to the universe known as Earth-199999. However, the prime Hawkeye is from Earth 616. But there have been others too. These include the Earth-13584 iteration who was part of Spider-Man’s gang. Plus, the Warped World version is known as Cat’s Eye. Moreover, the Marvel Zombies Hawkeye was zombified by Sentry. But the one that stands out is the one from Old Man Logan.

Hopefully, now all your Questions about Hawkeye will have been answered.

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