4 ICONIC Moments in Dark Knight’s History

Batman is one of the most liked superheroes is known for his intentions to save the Gotham city from criminals. Well if you have grown up watching and reading everything about the Dark Knight then you would probably know about his dress, his fancy gadgets, his sidekicks and the way his stories transitioned from one another. Wearing the dark persona of a bat, there are several things that you might not know about the Dark Knight, but don’t worry. We bring you four best moments in Dark Knight’s history.

1) Bat-Mite


Bat-Mite has appeared in Detective Comics and Batman regularly. In the 1967 comics, He is visited from the fifth dimension by an all-powerful imp name Bat-Mite, who absolutely worships The Dark Knight and is a big fan of him. You can see him in action including making an enormous statue of Batman himself come to life. Well, He was not annoyed by a punk hanging around him.

2) Batman Zebra


It looked really strange when Batman used to change his suit in different rainbow colors. But his crime fight Zebra pattern was even stranger. After going u against Zebra Man, He investigates about him and at one point B-man gets superpowers of Zebra Man, from the same machine he got it. And in the fight, he literally, punches the Zebra Ma stripes.

3) Robin’s Death


After the end of the silver age, Batman’s costume become darker. The Joker kidnaps Robin and beat him to death with a crowbar by the Clown Prince of Crime. It is considered to be one of the worst failures of B-man and tats why he keeps Robin’s costume.

4) Dark Knight and his connection with the Gotham City


Well, it seemed like none other than artist Jim Aparo could have brought the iconic seen of B-man looking at the Gotham city. The comic book scene read: “ The streets of the Gotham city are cold at night, sprayed with shapes and shadows and unexpected sound”.

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