5 Major Instances Where TONY STARK Risked His Life To Save Iron Man Armor

Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor is the most prominent tool in his heroic fight to wipe out the criminality from the world. The world was fascinated by Stark’s intelligence when he first introduced Iron Man armor and how he fabricated small inventions together into an armor that serves the world like a soldier. But his inventions quirked and bothered some who decided to get the technology behind this glorious feat. Check out five struggles that Tony Stark went through to save his Iron Man armor in Armors War.

 1) Skymaster steals the armor plan

5 Major Struggles That Tony Stark Went Through To Save Iron Man Armour In Armors Wars

Spymaster, who called himself an industrialist steals the technology and the plan of Iron Man armor. So the evil mind passed the pan to one of the Stark’s business rivals, Justin Hammers. The wickedness reaches a new peak when Hammers make the pain available to criminals.

2) Evil Armors

The criminals juxtaposed the inventions and formed their own evil armors. Ben on the tenterhooks, Stark was angered by the evil use of his technologies and decided to bring them down before the situation got worse.

3) Negator packs comes to rescue

Outraged by the illegal use of his technologies again mankind, Stark implanted negator packs on the armors of criminals which fused their circuits after he caught many of them. Now their suits were useless. Moreover, he installed a computer virus in Hammer’s computer to erase the technology and the plan of Iron Man armor.

4) Iron Man armor destroyed

After the United States tagged the Iron Man suit a fugitive, his friend Captain America equally opposed him. During a fight with government forces, the Iron Man armor was destroyed. However, Stark survived. So that was not the end of Iron Man’s mission to save the world from wickedness.

5) New Armour

iron man armor

So it was impossible for Stark to keep looking at the hourglass and thinking about his next step. He was already preparing a new sophisticated armor with a stronger plan that Hammer stole from him. And he was back to action.

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