Arrow Season 4: Is Damien Darhk Akin to Apocalypse?

As Arrow season 4 enters into the last lap, we get to unravel the H.I.V.E sinister plan to achieve their objective. In the latest episode titled “Genesis”, we finally know what is “”Genesis” all about. When John Diggle was busy fighting his brother Andy (who is now dead), Damien Darhk ripped off Rubicon (a code that can protect any country from nuclear attack) from Laila’s skin, she had injected herself with the chip after Amanda Waller died at the hands of Shadowspire after refusing to pass it to them.  She told Team Arrow that if Rubicon is manipulated by Darhk, he could have the power to actually control the world’s nuclear stockpile.

As you are watching the episode, you can’t help but feel that Damien Darhk has striking similarities with X-Men Apocalypse, an ancient creature who was the most powerful and the first ever Mutant to have walked the Earth unleashed the wrath upon the Professor Xavier trained mutants as he thinks they have betrayed the cause of Mutants. He called for a new world order, invited mutants who rebelled against Prof. Xavier and believe that can’t be the leader of Mutants tribe. He amassed an army of mutants for thousands of years. Magneto joined the Apocalypse crusade just like Malcolm Merlyn joined H.I.V.E to bring down the world and build a new one from its ashes.

Damien Darhk just greenlit the final phase of Genesis which is about the total destruction of the existing world through a nuclear holocaust and mark a new beginning. They have even made elaborate arrangements of evacuating people in the event of a nuclear holocaust to a new city beneath the Star city which is beautiful and perfectly habitable. Unfortunately, Thea found herself in it along with her boyfriend Alex (former Oliver’s mayoral campaign manager) and there is no escape as it’s literally below the surface shielded by the dome. Can Green Arrow save the day?


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