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This Scene Solved A Bruce and Alfred Problem In The Batman

I think I speak for everyone when I say that The Batman did a lot of things right. The crime, the amateur Bruce Banner and the gritty nature of the characters. However, one thing that it missed was the current status of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne’s relation with Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth. Despite focussing on it at the beginning of the movie, the way it left things incomplete doesn’t make any sense. However, we think that this scene solved a Bruce and Alfred problem in The Batman.

The Batman was one of the cinematic gold pieces that looks perfect in every way. Matt Reeves deserved every ounce of appreciation he got for his story and direction. This movie was the first time that we saw a grounded Batman, who was and had a lot of space for growth. Plus, the noir setting of the Gotham City and its crime status made for a never-seen-before Batman movie. But what doesn’t get much respect is Reeves’ take on the relationship between Bruce and Alfred. We see such a strained relationship between the two for the first time! It could have been the best part of the movie, if not for the way the movie left things in the end.


All of the Batman movies tend to present Alfred somewhat as the father figure for Bruce, given he grows up without his parents, alone in the Wayne Mansion. However, ‘The Batman’ features this relation in a very cold and realistic way where Bruce doesn’t regard his loyalty. Instead, he is coldish to him like no Bruce before him because he doesn’t appreciate his action in the dark nights.



The movie’s beginning saw Bruce as an amateur awkward character with some issues of his own. Alfred, on the other hand, seemed like he wanted to help because Bruce has no one other than him. However, Bruce refuses that help saying that Alfred is not his father! This was the first time we got to see how inconsiderate Bruce was for the man who raised him like his son. However, this too changes by the end of the movie when Alfred gets bombed and ends up in the hospital. There we see the both of them having a meaningful conversation where Alfred apologizes to Bruce for not being the person Bruce needed at that time.


At this moment, it seemed like Bruce realized that Alfred was the only one in his life. And how much he needs him if he wants to keep up with his nightly endeavors. However, we couldn’t get to see that because they didn’t talk about this stuff. It felt like they might pick up their conversation right where they left but that never happened. In fact, this was the last time we saw them share the screen. And that is why their relationship seemed like a loose end of a hanging thread.



Bruce And Alfred problem

The Batman movie was a 3-hour-long saga that had some of the best cinematic scenes ever. The movie explained everything about the characters and the decisions they take in great detail. Nothing felt incomplete or abandoned by the end, except for the part involving Bruce and Alfred. However, if they had included a scene where they finally have a good talk about the current status of their relationship, that would have been perfect for this movie. Or they could have at least featured them one last time together, demonstrating that things will be better in the sequel, and not leave in a cliffhanger.


What makes this sense important is how much of the movie spent its time on characters and their father figures. While Bruce is obviously struggling with more than one issue, including the one with Alfred, Selena is plotting to exact revenge on her biological father, Falcone. At the same time, the movie is telling how the lack of a father figure can affect someone like Riddler. With all of this going on, you’d think that they would, at least, show how one of them reconciled with their fathers.


Do you also think that this scene solved a Bruce and Alfred problem in the Batman? Do let us know your answers down in the comments.

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