All X-Men Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

20th Century Fox has mostly done a great job with the Marvel Characters that they own, i.e. The X-MEN (not fantastic 4). And recently with their cool new and innovative ideas, they have just been getting everything spot on. Here is all the X-Men Movies Ranked.

X-MEN Origins: Wolverine

The most hateful job done by Fox was with our very own favorite X-Man, Wolverine (and also Deadpool in that movie). Fans were really furious to see the first solo Wolverine movie was such a disaster as the origin story was not at all close to the source material. The only thing that was closed shut was Deadpool’s mouth!

X-Men: Apocalypse

After what Brian Singer did with the X-Men movies in the past, this was totally unexpected from him. He totally turned the last X-Men movie to shit taking up such an iconic storyline from the comics.

X-Men: The Last Stand

2006 is where things started to go south for the X-Men series. Brett Ratner’s direction leads the X-Men’s future into jeopardy. His take on the most famous X-Men storyline ‘The Dark Phoenix’ was so bad that the Production on X-Men movies had to go on a break for a while.

X-Men (2000)

The first X-Men movie to ever be made was a really good attempt and start for the series. Brian Singer did a really good job bringing Marvel’s Mutant team to life. Everything about the movie was good, The Casting, The Plot, everything.

The Wolverine

The second movie in the Wolverine solo series was a great addition to Wolverine’s adventures in Hollywood. James Mangold did a remarkable job picking up the character from the disastrous fall in the first solo movie. He ran a good story and did as well as he could with what he got.

X2 – Men United

Brian Singer’s sequel to his first X-Men movie was an even better job done with the X-Men franchise and it stands out as the best movie of the original trilogy. He set the bars really high and they came in Ratner to take down the franchise with The Last Stand.

X-Men Days of Future Past

When Brian Singer finally returned to the X-Men franchise after an 11-year break, he did a tremendous job in properly connecting the origin story from the original story and very conveniently provides a way to erase the worst movies like The Last Stand and X-Men Origins Wolverine.


The most financially successful movie of the franchise was the one that got the lowest budget. Director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds did an excellent job in getting ‘the merc with a mouth’ absolutely spot on. Reynold’s work really earned a lot of appreciation.


Wolverine finally got what he had deserved for so long in Hollywood, i.e. the right treatment. Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the clawed mutant was a real emotional right and a great tribute to his hard work of the last 17 years with the character. An R-rated Wolverine movie is what the fans always wanted to see and they got it.

X-Men First Class

x-men movies

This was without a doubt one of the best origin stories or a super-hero franchise. Director Matthew Vaughn brought the franchise right back on top when it was in ruins after two previous disasters. 2011’s X-Men First Class was the best movie in the entire franchise as the director nailed the origin of the X-Men by staying very close to the source material.

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