10 Most Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants In Marvel Comics

Wanda has gone through some serious transformation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last year, we saw her come to terms with her true potential and receive her title as the Scarlet Witch. But the ending suggested that there are some interesting developments around her narrative. When it was announced that she was gonna be a part of the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans wondered if she was going to be the antagonist. While Strange would himself go for help to her, she also seems to have some dark spells under her hands. The latest trailer for the movie also featured different renditions of her character called variants. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful Scarlet Witch variants in the Marvel Comics before Doctor Strange 2 hits theaters on May 6.


This variant of Scarlet Witch is a little older in comparison to the other variants of the character. But that doesn’t mean that she lacks in her ability as she is no-less powerful. Her powers include almost all of the powers of Wanda from Earth-616. Fans might know the MC2 universe for being the home of one of the best versions of Spider-Woman. One of Scarlet Witch’s powers caused a tragic effect, the ability to manipulate reality. While in battle with a Nazi version of Doctor Doom, she was severely injured, and then Iron Man had to use his skills to allow her to use her powers.


Ultimate Scarlet Witch

Wanda Lensherr was the daughter of Erik Lensherr, Magneto, and the sister of Quicksilver. Her presence in Magneto’s time was quite variable and she finally left after his death and began working with the Brotherhood. It is during this period that she and the rest of the Brotherhood would be involved in a rescue operation for the X-Men. She has the same powers as the other variants with one special ability. Somehow, she had managed to develop her powers to such levels that she could actually teleport with surgical exactness. But this time around she was a lot more controlled and actually worked with Xavier to maintain peace between the mutants and humans.


Weapon Hex

Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

Weapon Hex has one of the most powerful versions of both the Scarlet Witch and Wolverine. While the latter has some very essential factors playing out for him, Scarlet Witch is actually a fusion of both Wanda and Laura Kinney because of the Infinity Warps crossover. This ends up making for a very interesting and dangerous character. Mixed with the powers of Wanda are the elements of Laura that include the healing factor and the claws.


Age of X

Not much is known about the Wanda Maximoff from Earth-11326. She had the same powers as the most common powers amongst her other variants. When Exonims went into mass production, they were used to run operations that involved hunting down mutants and their human relatives. During these events, most of the mutants were either arrested or killed at the site. Wanda and Pietro ended up dying while in a battle with these Exomins. This was actually what led to a serious drop in the number of mutants and this event was given the name “The Decimation”.


House of M

House of M is one of the most popular narratives of Scarlet Witch and it also features one of the most powerful versions of Wanda. In this narrative, Scarlet Witch is basically similar to the Earth-616 version but she managed to create her own false reality. In this reality, she managed to let her children Billy and Tommy, live again. Things almost went according to too her and it was gonna be this reality only. But then Wolverine managed to remain one of the heroes who knew that this was a false reality. She had actually managed to direct her anger at the fellow mutants and erase almost all of them in this new reality.


Marvel Zombies

Things took a drastic turn when Sentry from an alternate universe brings a disease that ends up turning everyone into flesh-eating zombies. The Avengers were the first to get infected because they reached the scene where Sentry had crashed. Now imagine, Wanda with all her powers of altering reality and manipulating matters but also being a zombie. Even though she ends up becoming a zombie, she managed to retain all her intelligence and powers. Added to that was the fact that she was also immortal. We got a chance to see a certain version of her in the Disney+ animated series What If…?.


The Witch

Powerful Scarlet Witch Variants

The Witch is a variant of Wanda Maximoff from Earth-8823. She has some of the same powers as the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch. Some of these include the ability to alter probability which can actually destabilize both physical matter and energy on a molecular level. She later ended up becoming a member of the Exiles which is an inter-dimensional superhero team. The character had a very small appearance in the comics most of which comprised of the appearance on the issues of Marvel comics’ Exiles. Following her death in the hands of Emma Frost, she was replaced by an alternate version of herself.


Onslaught Reborn

This variant was created when Frankling Richards created during the Onslaught Reborn event. She is basically a copy of the Wanda from Counter-Earth from the Heroes Reborn event. A lot of similarities can be seen between her and the Scarlet Witch from Earth-616. While she might be a replica of most variants, this variant is actually one of the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe. But this time around she has a certain power called the Witch Sight. This allows her to see certain things that others can’t see and also perceive certain invisible or intangible people.


Silver Witch

Things get really complicated and exciting for this variant of the Scarlet Witch. Wanda in this universe was actually quite similar to the Earth-616 Wanda and also had similar powers. But things go extremely wrong when she loses her brother as he dies trying to outrun the Blur. Wanda manages to absorb Pietro’s powers using her own powers and ends up becoming the Silver Witch. After getting her new powers Wanda would have a lot of adventures and join a variety of teams in the Marvel Universe. But things took a downward turn with her mental health and that would lead to her demise.


Age of Apocalypse

This narrative actually saw Wanda dying in the dark dystopian timeline only to be brought back later. The human scientists manage to successfully clone her and this leads to one of the most devastating acts against the mutants. Other than having the usual powers, Wanda also had the knowledge and skills to increase her powers to whole new levels.

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