Solo: A Star Wars Story – What We Know So Far About The Han Solo Movie

Star Wars is a vast universe in which there are so many characters that we have grown up watching and loving them. The galaxy can be very far but these group of characters are so near to our hearts. From the originals to prequels to the latest Jedi trilogy, we have definitely come a very long way.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has had a pretty successful run at the Box Office by now. It has become one of the top ten highest grossing movies of all time. But in the most unprecedented manner, the movie became the textbook definition of polarization. It split the Star Wars fanbase into two – the admirers and the haters.

On one hand, a large section of fans appreciated the movie for introducing new elements and shake things up as opposed to following a template. On the other hand, so many fans hated the movie so much that they started voicing their criticism on social media as the movie departed from the original trilogy in terms of pace and tone of the narrative. But hate it all you want, it still rocked the theaters.

When its predecessor The Force Awakens hit the big screens, it was soon followed by a spinoff standalone movie. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is one of the greatest or perhaps THE greatest addition to the Star Wars franchise. The movie proved that a well made Star Wars spin-off can be so exciting and entertaining and make decent collections at the box-office as well.

Now since the sequel to The Force Awakens has been released, Lucas Films is in no mood of breaking tradition. Another spinoff called Solo: A Star Wars Story has been announced. It will focus on the exploits of the fan favorite carefree Outlaw of the Galaxy Han Solo.

But how will it be? What story will it follow? Does it explore Han’s previous life prior to becoming the legendary hero of the Rebellion? How did he evolve from an ordinary smuggler to a legend? Here is what we know so far about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Release Date:

The Force Awakens and Rogue One were set as Christmas blockbusters, around a year apart from each other. The Last Jedi was aiming for a summer release but as that did not happen; it was released in December 2017.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is still slated for a summer release of May 25, 2018, in line with several other Disney blockbusters consecutively set at a week’s interval.

The Rating:

Traditionally, all Star Wars movies have been awarded a PG rating. But The Last Jedi Trilogy, as well as both the final episodes of the Prequel Trilogy, have been rated PG-13. Rogue One was also rated the same. So it is heavily expected that Solo will be rated PG-13 as well. There is no reason to break tradition and re-brand Star Wars movies, they are meant for families to go see it together.

The Story:

Nothing has been confirmed yet about the plot line the movie will supposedly follow. It has been tightly kept under wraps. Lucas Film executives have said the story will follow Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca before the events of the Original Trilogy took place. Hence, it will focus more on Han growing up, learning to fight and defining his path for life ahead.

So it would be correct to guess that Han is still not yet a professional smuggler in the movie. He is still a newbie when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade. Han’s mentor will also reportedly feature in the movie. The movie won’t bring back Chewie, Lando, and Han from the very beginning.

Rather it will show them as three separate individuals that come together to face a common threat. It will tell how the crew of the Millennium Falcon actually came into being.

The Writers:

Star Wars

Lawrence Kasdan has been most associated as a writer to the Star Wars movies. He wrote the screenplays for both Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. Solo: A Star Wars story will be his last journey to the Galaxy far, far away. He will also have a co-writer.

His son Jon Kasdan will help write the script for the movie. The Kasdans have been cryptic about the plot but they have hinted that the movie will show a version of Solo before he became the careless smuggler he is known and loved for.

The Directors:

This is the part where it gets tricky. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, fresh off their success of out-of-the-box movies like 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie, were roped in for the director’s chair. Both agreed to co-direct Solo: A Star Wars Story.

That was until their methods of improvisation on set drew the ire of Lawrence Kasdan and Lucas Films. They were then fired just a few weeks before filming was to take place.

Ron Howard has been appointed as the new director for the movie. He is a great man, a visionary who has the skill and wherewithal to direct Star Wars spin-off and make it a success.

The Actors:

Star Wars

Alden Ehrenreich of Hail, Ceaser! fame will portray Han Solo. People are excited to see a fresh take on Solo other than the one done by the legendary Harrison Ford. He is a very talented guy who will put up an amazing portrayal of Han Solo (he died in The Force Awakens protecting Rey). Donald Glover will play Lando Calrissian, the previous owner of the Millennium Falcon and Solo’s friend turned rival.

Peter Mayhew will not be portraying Chewie. Joonas Suotamo will essay the Wookie on screen who owes a life debt to Han Solo. Thandie Newton will reportedly be Sana Starros, Han’s wife in the Star Wars expanded universe while Woody Harrelson will play Beckett – Solo’s Mentor in the movie (a character heavily influenced by the Star Wars novels’ Garris Shrike character).

Emilia Clarke, the Mother of Dragons (HBO’s Game of Thrones), will essay an as of yet mysterious role of a girl only known as Kira. Phoebe Waller-Bridge of Fleabag fame will essay an unnamed CGI character in the movie.

Paul Bettany and Warwick Davis are also set to appear. Other characters whose acting counterparts are still unconfirmed include Jabba the Hutt, Maz Kanata, Greedo and Darth Vader. The movie does not seem like a spin-off, it’s more like an ensemble Star Wars movie.

Here’s the official synopsis of the movie released by Lucas Films:

“Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ an adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes”.

Hopefully, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be able to silence the critics who have already begun asking questions and give fans the ultimate adventure with one of the most beloved character in the entire galaxy – Han Solo. CHEERS!

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