11 Times Justice League Members Did Something Absolutely Horrifying

You may consider them Earth’s greatest and noblest of forces. The Justice League has saved the planet and sometimes the entire universe from harm on multiple occasions. A team that has done so much good can never be questioned right? WRONG!!! Members of the League have also had their fair share of demons.

Green Arrow kills Prometheus

Prometheus is not a villain to be trifled with. After escaping the psychic imprisonment of Martian Manhunter, he plots revenge by placing bombs on several prominent cities. He gives up the names of those cities after the League agrees to let him go. But when Arsenal’s daughter joins the casualty list, Green Arrow retaliates by hunting him down and killing him.

Wonder Woman breaks Maxwell Lord’s neck

Maxwell Lord’s greatest fear is the Justice League. A villain with mind control powers, he decides to retaliate against the League by mind-controlling Superman and sending him on a rampage. The only way Wonder Woman could stop Superman is by killing Lord, which she does. Diana promptly snaps Lord’s neck on national television.

Batman accuses the Joker of Child Abuse

In the Wild Cards arc of the Justice League animated series, the Joker helps break a group of super powered children out of prison. When Batsy gets on his tail, Harley is sent to stop him. But then Batman accuses the Joker is up to something sinister with the children. He is then promptly clocked across the face by Harley’s hammer.

Guy Gardner… well….

Guy Gardner is not the easiest of the member to get along with. His cocky attitude and arrogance make is a prime contrast to Batman’s. But both have teamed up in the past. Most of the time, it’s the Batman who has the last laugh. But in GLC: Recharge, he finally moons and says Goodbye to Batman as the former heads for Oa.

Hawk Girl kills Solomon Grundy

In Justice League the animated series, Grundy and Hawk Girl develop a sort of bond as Grundy dies fighting alongside the League and saving innocent lives. Grundy returns in JLU, with a botched resurrection leaving him insane and extremely powerful. Hawk Girl’s mace is the only thing that could kill him. Hesitant at first, she does.

Superman turns Tyrant

What if the Superman we know and love suddenly turns evil? In Injustice, that is exactly what happens. After the Joker tricks Clark into killing his own wife, Superman kills the Joker and then sets up a Global Regime of Oppression and subjugation. Whoever opposes his rule is executed. Batman then forms the Insurgency to stop him.

Wally West turns Inertia into a living statue

After the events of Infinite Crisis, Wally West returns to find Bart Allen dead. All clues point to Inertia being the prime suspect. Wally catches Inertia but does not turn him over to the cops. He transforms him into a statue. Inertia is not dead. He is still alive and kicking. But he is trapped as a statue and forced to stare into eternity.

Batman keeps files on how to defeat each League member

In the acclaimed ‘Tower of Babel’ series, Ra’s Al Ghul strikes gold. He gets his hands on Batman’s computers and downloads files containing contingencies for each League Member, should they ever go rogue. The League almost gets killed. Before Batman is banished from the team, when asked whether he had a contingency for himself, he replies: “I do. It’s the Justice League.”

Superman Kills Lex Luthor

In the JLU animated series ‘A Better World’ storyline, an alternate Earth sees Luthor becoming President and threatens Superman that he will start a nuclear war. Having had enough of his antics, Superman finally crosses the line and kills him. The Justice League then transforms into the Justice Lords and rules the Earth with an Iron Fist.

Prometheus is imprisoned inside his own mind by Martian Manhunter

Justice League

Prometheus is the single greatest threat to the Justice League. Using a special cybernetic helmet, Prometheus has downloaded into his mind the fighting styles of DC’s greatest close combat fighters. He has also memorized the weaknesses of each League member. A foe so formidable only be stopped if something drastic is done. Batman proposes Martian Manhunter trap Prometheus in his own mind, reliving his own nightmares over and over again.

Wonder Woman kills a child

In Flashpoint, the Atlantean-Amazon war has ravaged the globe. Cyborg manages to gather a team of superheroes to stop it from escalating further. One of the team members is Captain Thunder aka Shazam. Being literally a child at heart, Shazam proves to be a worthy opponent for the Amazons. In the comics, the Amazon General Penthesilea kills him. In the movie, it is Wonder Woman herself who commits this despicable act.

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