Spider-Man: Far From Home May Have Set Up Spider-Man’s WORST Story Ever

Spider-Man: Far From Home had such a rough ending for Peter Parker that his future in the MCU will never be the same. It seemed to be a rather happy ending for Peter until the mid-credits scene happened. The one great thing that Marvel did with Mysterio was that they kept him exactly the same as the comics. Now without giving much away in the beginning, let’s take you guys to the obligatory spoiler warning.

So, SPOILER Alert.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Runtime

The film handled Mysterio’s visual skills quite amazingly! He ultimately was a fake and Peter took him down. But as he died, he told Peter that people needed to believe. At this time, they’d believe anything they are told. Then we get right into the first scene where Peter lands MJ after taking her slinging through New York.

Then the mid-credits scene starts and as Pete’s about to leave, breaking news comes into motion, from the one and only DailyBugle.Net! Apparently, they posted a video revealing the truth about what happened during the drone attack in London. Mysterio might not have died and he framed Spider-Man for his murder using all the Stark Industries drones.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio

In the video, Mysterio claims that he sent the Elementals back through the dimensional rift. But then Spider-Man killed him saying that no one can be the next Iron Man against him. Then comes the big entry of J. Jonah Jameson which is played by JK Simmons. He claims that Mysterio will go down in history as the greatest hero of all time. And then the further shock comes in. The second half of the video plays & Mysterio reveals the secret identity of Spider-Man. He tells the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man!

The scene ends with Peter going “What the fu—” just like Aunt May did that in at the end of Homecoming. Peter seems to be really screwed here and even though he’s a Superhero, he’d still be very afraid! His life is going to change completely as even though he might get out of the situation that he is in, the world is always going to know his secret identity. That obviously means that all the villains could hurt the ones closest to him in order to make him do their bidding.

This also has a comic book precedence and may actually lead us to the Spidey’s worst Nightmare! During the Civil War storyline, Spider-Man became an adult & while he was a part of Team Iron Man, he revealed his true identity to the world. He totally regretted doing that later when he joined team, Captain America. Moreover, the revelation of his true identity actually caused the death of Aunt May as Kingpin ordered a hit on Parker… and shot Aunt May, instead. This is what could end up happening in the MCU as well.

This led readers to the horrific story where Peter actually undid his public reveal. “One More Day” was the storyline where Peter actually made a deal with Mephisto, The Devil of Marvel’s universe. The deal was to bring Aunt May back in exchange of his soul, and Peter agreed to it. Also, everyone would lose the memory of his public reveal, and his identity would become a secret again. But, the thing with this deal was that Peter was sacrificing his soul for a noble cause, & that wasn’t acceptable to the Devil. So, what Mephisto asked for was the one Peter loved the most.

At the end of the story, Peter managed to undo his public reveal, Aunt may lived, but Mary Jane Watson and him became Ex-Lovers instead. That was the price that Peter had to pay for undoing everything. Now we don’t know whether Peter could end up finding a way to undo what Mysterio has done to him in the MCU, but the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home could lead us to one of the worst storylines for Peter Parker.

So, let’s see the direction that Marvel will with Spider-Man.

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