12 Amazing Jokes Hidden In Movies That You May Have Missed

The audience is often so deeply engrossed in the main plot that they end up missing the hidden details and jokes. Anyway, the directors sneak in these jokes in a subtle way, only for the clever fans to notice. Several random moments in the films may have made no sense to you because they were meant to have a hidden joke. Some of these jokes were supposed to be an inside joke for the cast or other directors or actors in Hollywood. In case you are curious to find out which parts we are referring to then dive into this list with us. Here are the 12 amazing jokes hidden in movies that you may have missed.

Iron Man

Iron Man pulled out joke referring at Jeff Bridges who played Obadiah Stane aka Iron Monger. When Pepper Potts hacked into Stane’s system to search for secret shipping of weapons, a manifest of the shipping showed up. It showed that Stane was smuggling weapons into the black market on a vessel named “MSC Lebowski”. It was a reference to Jeff Bridge’s film “The Big Lebowski”.

Captain Marvel

When it comes to cameos in movies, we can’t think of anyone but Stan Lee. During his cameo in MCU’s “Captain Marvel”, Stan Lee was reading from “Mallrats”. It was a nod to his first cameo in the film “Mallrats” which released in 1995, the same timeline where Captain Marvel is set.

The Incredibles

The moral of the superhero film was that humans perform better as a team. That’s was the lead characters learn by the end of the movie. This moral also comes from 17th century poet John Donne’s quote “No man is an island” which teaches the same lesson. As a way of paying tribute the poet’s quote, the film named Syndrome’s island as “Nomanisan” Island. If you break this name, you will get “No man is an island”.

Terminator 2

Wondering why Arnold Schwarzenegger had roses in a gun fight scene? Well, it was the director’s way of thanking the Guns’n’Roses band after they allowed them to use their “You Could Be Mine” as the theme song of the film.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jokes Hidden In Movies

In “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, there were fake movie posters of Tom Hanks in Tsunami Sunrise, Robin Williams in Jack and the Behnstacks, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in King Lear. The artist who made the posters for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Drew Struzan who hired to conceptualize these posters. The funniest one is Arnold’s King Lear which was also a reference to the same joke in Animaniacs, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Batman Forever

“Batman Forever” came after Tim Burton’s Batman franchise turned out to be a huge success in Hollywood. Even though “Batman Forever” didn’t meet its predecessor’s benchmark, one of its jokes was on fleek. They paid tribute to Tim Burton by featuring a doctor in the Arkham Asylum named Dr. Burton who diagnosed Two-Face and Riddler.

Spider-Man 2

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 had a genius joke shown subtly to the eagle-eyed audience. Before his landing, Peter Parker reminds himself that all he needs is a “strong focus” to land safely. Ironically, he hit the Ford Focus which is indeed strong enough to save him from crashing on the ground.


Jokes Hidden In Movies
Jokes Hidden In Movies

In “Gremlins” the names of the fake films showcasing on the theatre board was meant to be for Steven Spielberg. “A Boys Life” was a nod to Spielberg’s “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Watch the Skies” was for “Close Encounters”.

Independence Day

Jeff Goldblum kept saying “Must go faster! Must go faster!” when he was escaping on the mothership in “Independence Day”. It was a clear nod to his popular character in “Jurassic Park” where he screamed the same lines as the T-Rex chased after him.

Shaun of the Dead

Jokes Hidden In Movies
Jokes Hidden In Movies

The film played an inside joke at Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s TV show “Spaced”. There was a character named Tyra O’Flaherty played by Michael Smiley. Smiley also appeared in “Shaun of the Dead” as a zombie in Tyra’s attire.

Avengers: Infinity War

Remember how “Infinity War” showed locations of each Marvel character at the beginning of their respective scenes such as “SPACE”, “Nidavellir”, etc. It was added by the Russo Brothers as an inside joke at themselves. They were acknowledging their own habit of adding title cards everywhere.

The Blair Witch Project

Jokes Hidden In Movies
Jokes Hidden In Movies

The horror documentary-style film also had an inside joke aiming at Joshua Leonard. There was a scene in “The Blaire Witch Project” where Heather called Josh “Mr. Punctuality”. They were taunting Josh for always being late on the sets.

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