10 Mind-Blowing Hidden Details in Avengers: Infinity War That You Missed

Hidden Details in Avengers Infinity War:

We get so lost in the excitement and emotions of the action movies that the little details are often missed. Though small, these elements are pretty significant in the story once you catch them. It’s always mesmerizing to see the delightful visuals on the big screen. But MCU fans eagerly wait for the DVD release so they don’t miss out on the Easter eggs and hints. MCU loves to tease the hardcore fans by hiding Easter eggs and interesting specifics that require an eagle’s eyes and Sherlock’s brains. They did the same in Infinity War, one of the greatest movies in the universe which saw major Marvel heroes unite against one common enemy. Plenty of fascinating features cropped up that were not visible in the first watch. Find out the 10 mind-blowing hidden details in Avengers: Infinity War that you missed.

 1. Bloodstains On Vormir

Gamora’s painful death on Vormir threw shocking evidence. The directors ensured to add some blood stains a few distances away from Gamora’s body, indicating that more loved ones were ruthlessly sacrificed in search of the Soul Stone. That brings us to another question. Could those bloodstains belong to Black Widow since she died in 2014?

 2. Thanos Used Soul Stone To Find Doctor Strange

If you analyze every element carefully, you’ll notice that only the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos used at a particular moment would glow. This acted as a sign to inform us which stone was in action. When Doctor Strange cast the spell to form Images of Ikonn, Thanos used the Soul Stone to identify the real Doctor Strange. That’s why Soul Stone glowed, indicating that Thanos recognized Strange from his soul and not the visual.

 3. Thanos Had Stubble

Most of us assumed that Thanos belonged to a hairless alien species. Watching the movie again in high definition revealed that the Mad Titan had hair but was way too disciplined to cut them short on a regular basis like a military cut. Now imagine the hard work it must be to shave that chin every morning.

 4. Doctor Strange’s Scars Still Visible

Avengers: Endgame Theory Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange handing over the Time Stone was so overwhelming that we oversaw some tiny yet connected details. It was an intense moment as it sucked out our hopes of winning the Infinity War. Fans who rewatched it noticed scars on Strange’s hand from the car accident in his movie. This experience drove him towards the path of Mystic Arts but Infinity War cemented the fact he couldn’t cure himself. Furthermore, we also saw how Strange’s hands were trembling even years after the accident.

 5. Groot Lifted The Stormbreaker

MCU Changed Iconic Weapons From Marvel Comics

Groot completing the Stormbreaker with his final touch was such a profound moment that most of us didn’t realize what it indicated. We have always seen Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir as a weapon that only the worthy can wield. It was the first time after Vision that we saw another Marvel character lift Thor’s hammer. Many fans perceived this moment as an indication of Groot’s worthiness. But the Russo brothers clarified that unlike the Mjolnir, Stormbreaker didn’t need any worthiness-related conditions.

 6. Groot’s Last Words To Rocket Raccoon

Groot’s vocabulary is limited to three words and therefore we only hear him say “ I am Groot”. But GOTG has taught us that the real meaning behind these words always varies. The original dialogues and their meanings lie only with director James Gunn and Vin Diesel who voices Groot. Groot was one of the victims who disappeared into dust after the snap. Groot’s last words to Rocket translated to “Dad”.

 7. Tony Stark’s Glasses Dissolve Into Iron Man Suit

Hidden Details in Avengers Infinity War
Hidden Details in Avengers Infinity War

Watching Iron Man’s new nano-tech suit left us in awe. The way the armor automatically forms over Tony Stark with one button is uber cool and snazzy. Another cool scene that you missed was when his glasses dissolved into the suit as he took them off. Clearly, Tony’s sunglasses don’t belong to any brand since they are built out of nanoparticles.

 8. Thanos’s Armor As Scarecrow

In Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, we watch Thanos lead a peaceful life in a countryside kind of place on a planet. Over there Thanos hung his armor outside his hut like a scarecrow. The movie paid homage to the farmer Thanos from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book issue. This is the series that the storyline of MCU Phase 1-3 had adapted.

 9. Thanos Was Afraid Of The Crimson Bands of Cytotrack

Hidden Details in Avengers Infinity War

Thanos always derided the powers used by the Marvel heroes from Hulk to the Guardians of the Galaxy as he considered himself God and invincible. We rarely saw a crease on his forehead out of fear or worry. But the one brief moment when Thanos reeked of fear and showed struggle was when Doctor Strange cast the Crimson Band of Cytotrack, i.e., the magical red bands on Thanos. They were so powerful that Thanos’s expressions turned panicky on being tied up.

 10. Thanos Uses Time Stone To Treat His Wound

Hidden Details in Avengers Infinity War

As mentioned before, the particular Infinity Stone that Thanos uses glows at that moment. Infinity War showed these signs more times than we realized. But dedicated fans rewatched the movie to analyze which stone was used in when. That explains why the Gauntlet produced green light after the events of Wakanda. Thanos used the Time Stone to reverse the wounds he incurred during the battle.

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