‘Batman V Superman’ Early Concept Art Reveals a Unique Look at Doomsday

Well, since the departure of Zack Snyder from his role at the DC Extended Universe franchise, the fans have been slowly getting to know about the original ideas of the movie and it seems like we are going to have another major revelation about the character of Doomsday, as, through an early Batman V Superman concept art, a very different look of Doomsday has been revealed.

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Batman V Superman Doomsday

Concept artist Jerad S.Marantz has posted that the original idea about the appearance of Doomsday was quite different than the one we saw in the final roll of the movie at the theaters. He revealed the truth by posting this:

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Batman V Superman Doomsday

It’s not the first time we are seeing a concept art like this of Doomsday but surely this one is more frightening than most of the arts we have seen earlier. But, we have to say that even the final appearance of Doomsday in the movie was quite good and did not disappoint us as per the story of the movie.

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Batman V Superman Doomsday

A year ago Hollywood Spotlight Magazine posted an article confirming that Steppenwolf battled Doomsday in the past and also survived. So now, just imagine his immense powers that the League would have to face. But the most disappointing result was, him running back to his planet apocalypse with fear only after receiving three punches from Superman, a little freeze breath and a little heat vision.

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Batman V Superman Doomsday

In the comic books, Doomsday was a living bio-weapon that was the brainchild of Bertron, and also an ancient Kryptonian scientist. Bertron intended to create the topmost and perfect biological weapon that could kill and survive any attack with ease. In order to do that, Bertron wanted to imbue his test subject with the powers of accelerated evolution but every time his subject died, Bertron would use the biosamples of the corpse in order to resurrect the creature but with the immunity to be killed by whatever killed the creature the last time.

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