Justice League – Steppenwolf Battled Doomsday And Here’s How It Went

Justice League was a step in the right direction but considering everything this step actually turned out to be a misstep as the movie did not make the profit for WB, and involved a big budget that turned out to be of no good after all. The Justice League name is tainted now, and we may never see a sequel or any other attempt at this despite a set up for the future. in a very short span of time, we have seen so many DC villains, and Justice League had the worst of them all.

There could be a list for average villains for DC  as so far, except for General Zod, every villain has either been Average or below Average. Zod’s presence in Man of Steel was one of the reasons why the movie worked as well as it did. Batman V Superman brought in the Cynical cartoonish Lex Luthor with Jesse Eisenberg who did not go well with the majority of audiences, while the version of Doomsday played in BvS was fairly new but the CGI upon his look was disliked even though he did put up a big fight.

Then came Suicide Squad where there were so many villains out of which just 4 turned out to be good. Rest we got the Joker which was over done by Jared Leto in the name of Method acting, and then the Hoola-Hooping witch, Enchantress! No comments on them. Ares seemed good for half the movie, but the ending CGI slugfest with Wonder Woman and the generic dialogue brought his rating down as well. Then comes the tip of the iceberg, Steppenwolf. Set up as a big mighty powerful villain, but turned out to be a big CGI fest that literally cried towards the end of the movie. Steppenwolf is arguably the worst villain we could ever see even though there have been some really bad villains in comic book movies in the past.

He was this old warrior we all thought will be threatening, and the early concept arts of him were actually much fierce and dreadful. Even though fans want the Snyder Cut to somehow happen, we can all admit that Steppenwolf would still be a bad villain even without all the editing that happened with Justice League. Still he was pitched as this immensely powerful adversary, the leader of the Parademons and the uncle of the Universe’s greatest Villain Darkseid. So people really thought that he would turn out to be a worthy foe against the League, and a long-forgotten article about Justice League recently surfaced, reinforcing the idea.   

Hollywood Spotlight Magazine posted an article a year ago, and that article confirms the fact that Steppenwolf had battled Doomsday in the past and survived, so just imagine his immense power that the League would have to face. But all it took was 3 punches from Superman, a little freeze breath and a little heat vision and he was sent back to apocalypse with fear.

The reason why this is legit is that Zack Snyder himself confirmed that the real Doomsday is still alive and the one in BvS was another version of him created on Earth. Here’s what he said when a fan asked him about Doomsday’s status within the DCEU on his Vero account:

“Yes, the Real Doomsday is out there still.”

Zack Snyder has recently been dropping so many bombs of the intricate plotting he did for the DCEU, but it seems that all that has gone in vain now. But with the acquisition of WB by AT&T, things for DC are going to change, and it is highly possible that we may get to see this version of Doomsday somewhere in the future.

In the comic books, Doomsday was a living bio-weapon that was the brainchild of Bertron, an ancient Kryptonian scientist. The concept for Doomsday was simple. Bertron intended to create the perfect biological weapon that can kill and survive any attack with ease. To do that, Bertron wanted to imbue his test subject with the powers of accelerated evolution. Every time his subject died, Bertron would use the biosamples of the corpse to resurrect the creature but with the immunity to be killed by whatever killed the creature the last time.

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Let’s see what happens with the future of DCEU. It seems to be focusing more on Solo movies, but we should keep our fingers crossed for Team Up movies as well.

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