7 Biggest TV Cliffhangers That Will Never Be Resolved

Cliffhangers are a great narrating figure of speech, more often than not happening when a plot-line has achieved top power. The legends will be in a bad position, or a stunning turn has been uncovered, just for the viewer to be advised to return for the following portion to see what happens. They’re slippery – and honestly irritating – method for guaranteeing the group of onlookers will return for additional. Read these 7 biggest tv cliffhangers that will never be resolved:

 1) What The Hell Happened To Behrooz? – 24


24 had a propensity for dropping plotlines and characters. A notorious case accompanies the season two finale, which finished with President Palmer on the precarious edge of death and the scoundrel dependable staying free. Sliced to the following season and Palmer is fine and the repercussions of season two’s occasions are just disregarded.

The show’s most outstanding character to vanish without following is BehroozAraz from season four, the adolescent child of a group of psychological militants. Behrooz had an assault of inner voice about his family’s series and helped CTU stop them. In his last scene, he’s constrained into a prisoner trade for Jack and headed out by the awful folks. At that point, his embedded tracker is decimated, and his destiny looks depressing, most definitely.

Furthermore, that is the last anybody saw of him. An erased scene uncovered he was saved from up and coming demise, however, the show itself never uncovered his destiny, which is an odd result for a character who assumed such a noteworthy part, to the point that season.

2) Did Michael Escape With His Family? – Now And Again


Once in a while was a brief yet great show about a family man named Michael who kicks the bucket in a mishap, just to discover his mind transplanted into another body. He’s being utilized as a part of an administration analysis to build the ideal body. However, the drawback to his revival is that he can never contact his better half and little girl again, under punishment of death for him and them.

Clearly, that doesn’t prevent him from attempting over and over, and in the season finale, he escapes from the legislature and keeps running off with his family, with his handler expectation on following them down. In the mean time an abhorrent fear based oppressor named The Eggman escapes from jail, set on picking up vengeance on Michael for catching him.

The finale had set up such a large number of succulent plotlines that it was absolute malice when the system wiped out it in 2000, referring to low appraisals and cost. Occasionally might not have been a raving success but rather it had as of now picked up a devoted fanbase, one that was always bound to think about whether Michael and his family got away and what The Eggman was arranging next.

3) Whose Baby Is That? – Lois And Clark


A charmingly dated form of Superman from the nineties, Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman was as much a gooey romantic comedy as a superhero appear.

The evaluations took a major plunge in its fourth season, with an enormous cliffhanger accidently turning into the consummation of the whole series. In the last scene, the now wedded couple descend to their lounge room to find a child in a lodging, wrapped in fabric with the acclaimed S logo on it. They discover a note expressing that the infant now has a place with them, with no different signs to who the child should be.

The arranged the fifth season was canned when the appraisals neglected to enhance, so no conclusion was ever accommodated this very late contort. An author for the show uncovered years after the fact that the child was truly Kryptonian eminence and had been covered up with the couple so they could protect him from professional killers.

4) Did Rembrandt Make It Back Home? – Sliders


Sliders highlighted the undertakings of a gathering of individuals going through parallel measurements, and it kept running for a solid five seasons. The last scene closes with the group choosing on the off chance that they ought to slide to the following scene, which could be the universe they initially originated from, as a psychic has anticipated a desperate destiny for them on the off chance that they do.

Group pioneer Rembrandt chooses to hazard it and go to start with, telling the others that in the event that he comes up short the psychic will let them know and they can get by in their present universe. He experiences and the psychic promptly passes on of a heart assault, leaving the others no chance to get off knowing whether Rembrandt made it.

At the point when word arrived season, five was to be the last the makers chose to end it on a god-like cliffhanger to rally fan bolster so they could bring it back. Unfortunately for them, the thought failed amusingly keeping in mind there was brief discuss a film to wrap it up starting now Sliders hasn’t returned in any shape. Be that as it may, who knows, there may be a parallel measurement where it’s as yet running.

5) Why Did Sam Not Leap Home? – Quantum Leap


A show about the body bouncing experiences of a researcher named Sam and his multi-dimensional image amigo Al, Quantum Leap was a decent blend of satire, dramatization, and insightful sci-fi.

The last scene has Sam jump to a bar upon the arrival of his introduction to the world, yet rather than jumping into the body of a more unusual, he sees his appearance in a reflect. He visits with a baffling barkeep who tells Sam he’s in control of his jumps and that he can return home at whatever time. Rather he chooses to visit Al’s first spouse and advise her Al is alive (he was a wartime captive at the time) and is getting back home. At that point, some content illuminates the viewer Al, and his better half went ahead to have four little girls, yet that Sam stayed away forever home.

The scene initially served as a cliffhanger however when the show dropped the maker attached to the content to give viewers some conclusion. It’s a divisive completion, with some being furious with the thought Sam never went home and others feeling the mixed conclusion fit the show. Whatever the case, it still incites some masculine tears.

6) How Did Rimmer Escape From Death? – Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf had a couple of cliffhangers amid its run, for example, the season six finale that slaughtered off the whole cast. Tolerant fans needed to sit tight four years for the show to come back to clarify how they survived. They must be much more patient with the season eight finale.

The season finished with Rimmer installed Red Dwarf as it was being annihilated by a metal eating infection. Whatever is left of the team had vanished into a reflect universe (long story), and he had no real way to get away. Passing himself comes to visit, prepared to take Rimmer to the following life. He reacts by kneeing Death in the crotch and fleeing.

This cliffhanger would have been settled in the Red Dwarf motion picture, which wound up being developed damnation and was never made. The show at long last gave back an entire decade later in 2009.

It, for the most part, overlooked the cliffhanger completely, despite the fact that season ten finished with Rimmer going to clarify how he made it out. He’s hindered before he can state anything.

7) Did Eli Survive The Trip? – Stargate: Universe

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A darker, edger rendition of Stargate that didn’t gel with the center fanbase, Universe regardless got some great notification in its short two season run. This turn off concentrated on the team of the spaceship Destiny as they investigated the system and attempted to advance back to Earth.

In the last scene, Destiny is gravely harmed, and the team needs to go out of their present universe and into the following one. It’ll be a three-year trip, so they have to go into stasis. The obstacle is that they’re a stasis case short, so youthful researcher Eli needs to remain alerted. While the rest go to rest his exclusive trust is to repair his broken unit, or die in some horrible, nightmarish way when the life emotionally supportive network close down. The last shot is of Eli looking carefully into space, with his future not precisely certain.

The Stargate TV establishment had essentially run its course when Universe was scratched off, so there was no genuine any desire for a continuation. In a way the despairing closure fit the tone of the show, figuring out how to be dismal however confident in the meantime.

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