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The Batman: The Deleted Scene of Joker Featuring Barry Keoghan Finally Revealed

The Batman was a whole new take on the world of the caped crusader and it is quite different from the past renditions of the character. This time around we are less focused on the DC world and more focused on Gotham and everything associated with Batman himself. Considering the various interpretations of Joker we have seen over the years, fans expected to see something that would be quite similar to the past projects. The take on the prime antagonist of the Riddler was absolutely original and a lot more realistic compared to the other character. While we did get to see a lot of villains appear in the movie, there was an interesting appearance from another major Batman villain. DC has finally unveiled the highly talked about deleted scene of Joker featuring Barry Keoghan in The Batman.

The Batman

Deleted Scene of The Joker

Ever since it was indicated that we would get a new Batman film, fans were interested in seeing who the hero was going to face. Over the years, we have become very well aware of the way his enemies work in these movies. A variety of directors have managed to give us their unique takes on the characters and it has always been an exciting factor when it comes to the movies about the caped crusader. But the one villain that always managed to keep us on the edge of our seats was the Clown Prince of Gotham, Joker himself. It seems that we are going to witness another rendition of this villain very soon.


The take on the character of the Riddler by Matt Reeves is definitely something that has had us engaged throughout the movie. This interpretation was quite fitting to the grounded tone of the movie and it also worked in terms of the less-experienced Batman we got to see. There were other Batman villains who had significant appearances in the movie too, including Carmine Falcone, the Penguin, and last but not the least Joker himself. While fans were a bit disappointed by the cameo at the very end of the movie featuring Joker, Matt Reeves had stated that there is a deleted scene between Joker and Batman.


Deleted Scene of Joker

Warner Bros. has released a deleted scene from The Batman. This comes right after about a month from the release of the movie in theaters worldwide. The much-talked-about scene shows Barry Keoghan’s Joker having a rather menacing conversation with Batman. Batman goes to visit him at Arkham to find out his perspective regarding the Riddler. Without giving any direct answer Joker actually gives us what the caped crusader himself thinks about this villain. This rendition of the villain features a lot of scars and even his hands are scarred and this only increases the hype for the character to get a proper appearance.


Matt Reeves had talked about this scene and even looked forward to releasing this scene to the public. The director had suppressed every chance of Keoghan’s role in the movie to be released to the public. Keoghan was even being credited as one of Gordon’s associates in the GCPD and there were even set photos about this. But based on some leaked details, fans became sure that they were going to see Keoghan appear as Joker in the movie. One of the most essential details in this deleted scene has to be the fact that Joker states that it is their one-year anniversary.


Since the movie pays homage to a lot of the narratives from the arc of Batman in the comics, it is quite clear that this scene is also a reference to the times Batman goes to his villains to seek advice. There was one such moment in Hush where Batman actually went to the Riddler to seek advice regarding his mysterious enemy. But this rendition of Batman takes things to a whole new level by giving Batman and Joker a history. While it is not sure if we will get to see Joker appear as the prime antagonist in the sequel, we can be sure that the character will have a significant role in the franchise.


The Batman is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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