Wonder Woman 1984 – New Set Video Shows An Insane Riot Scene Involving Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the magnificent movie of 2017 is on its way and DC fans would be the happiest about it. The first movie was set during World War I and it gave us the origin story of the beloved Princess of Amazon for the first time on the big screen. Gal Gadot played the character really well taking off from her first appearance in Batman V Superman. Now the second movie is under production and every now and then, we get new Set Photos and videos that give us a further insight about the movie. 

Wonder Woman 2 titled Wonder Woman 1984 is going to bring a similar aesthetic of War amongst countries minus the military conflict, as Wonder Woman is going to deal with the Cold War against the Soviet Union, and a completely new Villain who will go toe to toe with Wonder Woman. As we all know, Steve Trevor is going to be back from the dead (or did he even die?) and we may see a continuation of the chemistry between Diana and Trevor which was one of the highlights of the first movie.

Chris Pine as we have seen in the set photos is rocking a new Fanny pack roaming around with Diana on the streets of Washington DC. While the Set Photos have been pretty quiet until now, out of nowhere, we have gotten an on set video that makes us think that the Nation’s Capital is going to explode as there is so much chaos.

This Set video shows a riot with outraged protestors of America played by the extras and it all seems a total havoc. The police is involved, there is fire and rescue but the people seem to have completely lost it as there is screaming everywhere on the streets of Washington DC. It seems that Diana may be playing the saviour for Steve again as it looks as if Steve is hurt and she is taking him to safety. This is one of those long shots and the camera seems to be focussing on the two while the full-blown riot takes place in the background.

Wonder Woman 84 is a fairly new movie for us to decipher and a lot of details about the movie are not known yet except for the fact that it will focus on the Cold War of 80s, so we cannot really tell what is happening or why the people have gone out of control into riot mode. But what we do know is that the movie will portray Kristen Wiig as the main villain and she will be playing Cheetah. We haven’t seen a set photo of her in the adversary against Diana, so it is not yet clear that her get up will fully involve prosthetics, make up and Costume or will it be fully CGI, or it could also be a mixture of both. A mix of CGI and a practical costume could actually work really well.

Also, this movie is a mystery to us and the biggest question raised in our mind is that how did Trevor come back from the dead almost 60 years later. If he did survive the explosion then how has he aged so slowly? Was he resurrected? Does Wonder Woman 2 pull off a Captain America 2 keeping Steve frozen similar to Bucky? Is there any sort of magic involved? Is time travel going to play a role in the movie? Is this the same version of Steve Trevor or is it actually a clone or a descendant? These are the kinds of questions that surely arise with the set photos of him.

Set in the 80s during the waning days of the Cold War where Diana faces off against the Soviet Union, WW84 will further fill the gap between the first Wonder Woman movie and her first live-action movie appearance, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Even though the movie is set more than 60 years after the events of the first, it will still bring in a similar aesthetic of War, Hope and Inspiration which is what really worked for the first film.

Wonder Woman 1984

The movie is set to hit the theatres on November 1, 2019, and since the movie is currently shooting, we may actually get to see some footage specially edited for us at San Diego Comic-Con next month since WB is going to have a major presence.  

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