10 Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics You Didn’t Know

Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics:

Thanos is one of the most powerful and sinister villains in the Marvel Universe. Most of the storylines and Marvel history navigate to this Mad Titan. He earned unprecedented popularity worldwide after his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though three phases of MCU with about 20 movies were dedicated to him, the movies could not include his entire history and origin. The comics have a plethora of storylines involving Thanos from where you’ll see that he was worse than how he was portrayed on the screens. Find out the 10 Words Things Thanos ever did that you didn’t know.

Thanos was brought up around the Eternals in a colony, Titan created by his father A’lars on Saturn moon. He also had a brother named Eros who was poles apart from him. Soon, Thanos became the most abominable entity on Titan for his fascination with dark objects. He had the genes of both Deviant and Eternals, thus rendering him powers of both. He soon came to be known as the Mad Titan who held dangerous experiments on fellow Eternals.

 1. Wiped Out Eros’s Mouth

As established earlier, Thanos’s brother Eros was the good brother who joined Avengers as Starfox to stop Thanos from laying hands on the Infinity Stones. Avengers: Infinity War taught us how Thanos was always a few steps ahead of the heroes. As he learned about Starfox’s plans, he wiped away his mouth with cosmic powers.

 2. Killed His Mother

The moment Thanos’s mother saw his face in the delivery room, she knew that he’d grow up to be a villain. She decided to kill the infant then and there but was stopped by his birth father, Mentor. When Thanos had a reunion with his estranged mother in ‘Thanos Rising’, he experimented on her. In order to understand his evil nature and why he was different from his family, Thanos dissected her and killed her in the process.

 3. Deadpool Vs Thanos

Believe it or not but Thanos and Deadpool shared the same love interest and even fought over her. We are talking about Lady Death who inspired Thanos to go after the Infinity Stones in the comic books. Even though Deadpool is immortal as his cells regenerate, Thanos is able to kill by merely trampling him with one foot.

 4. Pet Hulk

Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics
Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics

Forget about ‘We have a Hulk’ in Avengers: Infinity War. This issue descended into a dark and gory storyline from the future. As Thanos triumphs a battle against Avengers and kills most of them except Hulk, he turned Banner into his personal hound. This violent hound was no less than the Mad Titan who fed on the bones of his fellow Avengers.

 5. Murdered Sam Wilson‘s Captain America

This storyline takes us to Thanos of an alternate reality. The Mad Titan was the leader the Avengers like Sam Wilson’s Captain Americ(former Falcon), Spider-Man, Jane Foster’s Thor, etc. He was evil even in this reality and it didn’t take him long to manifest his true side. Unwilling to lead the heroes, Thanos kills Sam in the most gruesome way by smashing his head.

 6. Tortured Wolverine

The best quality of Wolverine that makes it impossible to defeat him is his adamantium skeleton. But Thanos knew how to take that away. As Thanos killed the Avengers and X-Men like Cyclops one by one, it was Wolverine’s turn. He simply changed Logan’s biological existence by switching his bones with rubber.

 7. Kills She-Hulk

Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics
Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics

During the Civil War II, Thanos was facing Avengers like Captain Marvel, America Chavez, War Machine, and She-Hulk. As She-Hulk accidentally gets hit by War Machine’s ballistics, Thanos jumps on the opportunity and destroys her with his cosmic power.

 8. Killed Himself

There was a time when Thanos joined forces with the Avengers to take down a bigger enemy, Annihilus. Surrounded by the tensions, Adam Warlock inadvertently locks himself up with Thanos in the purgatory. Since there was no way to get out of the purgatory, Thanos kills himself.

 9. Choked Cyclops To Death

During the Infinity War, the Avengers were also accompanied by X-Men. The battle saw much collateral damage as heroes were sacrificed. One of them was Cyclops whom Thanos killed by surrounding his head with a vacuum block and suffocating him.

 10. Killed His Father

Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics
Worst Things Thanos Did in Comics

As mentioned above, Thanos wreaked havoc in the universe ever since he was born. He was loathed by his family for his unspeakable actions. So it was no surprise when Thanos was denied a cure by his father when he was suffering from a disease. However, the Mad Titan did manage to force him into treating him only to be disappointed. Since his father turned out to be of no help, Thanos punched a hole through his body in anger.

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