Lex Luthor Just Destroyed The Deadliest Version of Justice League

Lex Luthor is one of the smartest minds on Earth. His grasp of multiple scientific disciplines and his cunningness has made him one of the strongest and most popular villains to ever exist in any comic book universe. As one of the most well-known foes of Superman, Lex Luthor is a fairly common household phenomenon now. He is also one of the Justice League’s greatest threats. Using his resources, wealth, and intellect, Luthor has made the Justice league bite dust several times. But recently, the Justice League has had their most lethal and strongest team make an appearance in the comic books. And Luthor has also ensured they know who their daddy is. Presenting – Lex Luthor just singlehandedly destroyed the deadliest version of the Justice League!!!

Facts About Lex Luthor

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen $2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Lex Luthor is known for that brilliant mind of his. No matter what weapon you hand him over, that has always been his greatest asset in battle. Luthor has merged with Brainiac and has even got the power of the Omega Effect and effectively become Darkseid, but people still believe that his brain is his ultimate ability. Using that, he has made Gods bow down to him. Currently, with Perpetua’s help, Luthor has gained god-like abilities but again he has proved that he is much more than just an Apex Lex. He is brilliant enough to even outsmart The Batman Who Laughs.

Lex Luthor Destroyed Deadliest Version of Justice League

The Batman Who Laughs is creating an army of his own by infecting prominent heroes and making them do his bidding. These infected heroes once cornered Lex Luthor and everybody thought that it was time for Apex Lex to meet his maker. Turns out The Batman Who Laughs chose the wrong plane of existence to fool around. Because the way in which Lex Luthor summarily dispatched each and every infected hero hot on his trail is a matter of pride for everyone who is rooting for the mainstream universe that The Batman Who Laughs intends to conquer.

Lex Luthor Destroyed Deadliest Version of Justice League

Shazam claims that he is going to crush Luthor like a twig and there is nothing he could do about it. To that Luthor gives a very smug reply. He says that even without his newfound abilities, he was just a man when he made the greatest superhero on Planet Earth bow down to him. He promises Shazam he is going to make him take his words back. Super Girl is quickly taken out by a flush of red sun radiation that Luthor unleashes at the entire room. Wonder Girl is taken care of by a group of specially made robots that are expert at martial arts. Jamie Reyes aka the Blue Beetle is next. Luthor, who has a lot of experience at hacking into alien technology, quickly get into the Blue Beetle’s suit and shuts it down.

But it is Hawkman that gets the brunt of his attacks. Hawkman is grabbed by Luthor by his legs and squashed onto the floor like a bug. King Shazam is still not convinced that Luthor might be able to take him down. Shazam theorizes that since he is a being of magic, Luthor has no plan to stop him. That is where Apex Lex uses his ability of telekinesis to make Shazam utter his own name. A bolt of lightning strikes King Shazam who reverts back to his human form. Luthor has just taken down the greatest and darkest version of the Justice League without even getting a scratch.

The entire League has been taken down. But Luthor does not stop there. Using a self-destruct sequence, he sets a timer before the entire place explodes and comes crashing down, crushing the infected heroes underneath. Super Girl states that his efforts are futile since even he will not be able to stop what’s coming. Luthor escapes the debris and reveals that his plans go well beyond Super Girl’s comprehension. The level of cunningness and strategy that Luthor employs reminds us of Batman and his scary contingency plans for the entire Justice League. Will the Batman Who Laughs be able to survive the coming onslaught led by none other than Lex Luthor him-self?!?!

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