New Black Widow Theory Reveals How Captain America Will Be Involved

Black Widow is certainly a solo movie that will be truly devoted to Natasha Romanoff. But at the same time, it is also an MCU movie. So, we reckon that it will have some setups for future story elements, and it will probably bring in a few familiar MCU faces as well. Because of Marvel’s lack of marketing since April, people may have forgotten that a few of the OG Avengers may appear in this film as well. While Tony Stark, Clint Barton, and Nick Fury will surely have at least one cameo each, a new theory suggests that even Cap could play a role in the film.

Tony Stark’s Appearance To The Resurrection of Black Widow

We know that Black Widow takes place between the Civil War and Infinity War. Tony Stark’s arc will supposedly be to allow Natasha to escape Secretary Ross’ graps. She doesn’t immediately reconnect with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Before that, she’d have her own family dispute to settle in Budapest. So, we believe that Cap would come into the story at the very end.

At the point when Tony gives Natasha a head start, Cap & Bucky were possibly in Siberia trying to catch Zemo. And after sending Nat, Tony would go to the raft, extract Cap’s location from Sam, and then reach Siberia to fight Cap & Bucky. Then they’d have a fallout, Tony would go back to the Avengers HQ while Cap would put Bucky on ice & rescue his teammates from the Raft. After rescuing everyone, Cap, Sam & Wanda would stay together while Clint & Scott would get new house arrest deals from the government.

Black Widow Theory Reveals How Captain America be Involved

So, during Natasha’s battle against Taskmaster, Steve, Wanda & Sam will lay low and continue fighting the good fight around the world. T’Challa might actually be aiding their missions at this point. But will Cap actually appear in the Black Widow movie? Well, we believe that there could be a few references made to Steve Rogers.

The trailers & reports of the film have suggested that Taskmaster has a way to control the other Black Widows. His control over these Red Room agents could be through a Mind Control serum. This serum was obviously be a product of Russia trying to recreate the perfect super-soldier serum. We know that Russia also tried to create their own version of it as that’s what resulted in Alexei Shostakov becoming the Red Guardian. Furthermore, Red Guardian may have even fought with Cap in the past. After all, Red Guardian “was the Captain America of his day for Russia.” So, we might actually get a flashback of Cap & Red Guardian fighting each other or at least coming face to face. But we won’t bet our money on that.

Black Widow Theory Reveals How Captain America be Involved

The place where Cap could really make a cameo is at the end when Natasha reunites with him before Infinity War. But even then, we shouldn’t really expect Steve & Sam appearing on the screen. It could just be done through a voiceover from Chris Evans or even Anthony Mackie. Maybe after Nat defeats Taskmaster & shuts down the Red Room for good, she’d contact Steve just like Bruce contacted him with a flip phone in Infinity War. A call from Natasha would be suffice how she’d reconnect with Steve, Sam & Wanda, and be a part of the Secret Avengers. Or maybe instead of this, Marvel shot a special scene during Infinity War’s production. Let’s see if Marvel will surprise us with a special Captain America cameo in Black Widow.

Black Widow Theory Reveals How Captain America be Involved

Here’s the updated Phase 4 movie schedule of MCU – Black Widow on November 6, 2020, The Eternals on February 12, 2021, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on May 7, 2021, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 on November 5, 2021, Thor: Love and Thunder on February 11, 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on March 25, 2022, Black Panther II on May 6, 2022, and Captain Marvel 2 on July 8, 2022. As far as the TV shows are concerned, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier & WandaVision are supposed to hit Disney+ later this year, Loki, What if…? & Hawkeye will arrive next year, and Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight & She-Hulk will possibly arrive in 2022.

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