Where Did the Hulk Go? World War Hulk Movie Set Up EXPLAINED

She-Hulk’s second episode just dropped and left us with two other mysteries. The series is going pretty well so far. Marvel did a good job wrapping up the origin story in one episode and then making She-Hulk a public figure in the next one. Things are happening fast, and these two episodes did one other major thing involving the Hulk! I am sure that you might have one central question after watching episode 2 – Where did the Hulk go in the end??

Marvel fans have been disappointed that he hasn’t been handled very well since Infinity War. From being a raging Green Goliath, he has gone to being a softie. Well, I personally thought that they used Hulk well in Endgame, but they didn’t use him enough. And being a much calmer version of himself is just an ongoing arc for him. I believe that we’ll soon be seeing the strongest and perhaps the angriest version of the Hulk. And all that has been set up by She-Hulk.


In the first episode, Banner and Jen met with an accident because they hit a spaceship. As it turned out, a Sakaaran Class-Eight Courier Craft had arrived to deliver a message. And we can make out that it was Sakaaran by design because it looked pretty similar to the Grandmaster’s ship from Ragnarok. But what message was this courier craft carrying? Before the series began to stream, it was presumed that Hulk’s son Skaar would make his debut in this show. So, people theorized that this ship may have brought Skaar onto Earth. But as it turns out, the ship was meant to be a ride for the champion of Sakaar to return to the gladiatorial planet.


Where Did the Hulk Go

Yes, it is evident that it’s a Sakaaran ship, so Smug Hulk is headed to Sakaar. And She-Hulk producer Jessica Gao and Mark Ruffalo himself have already confirmed this. We presume that he won’t be returning throughout the rest of the She-Hulk series. It seemed kinda apparent that Marvel would find a way to get rid of him so they could put more focus exclusively on the series. But maybe towards the very end of this show, we could get another tease for what’s going on with the Hulk. And that’s when we might see him with Skaar on Sakaar.


This is a setup for the World War Hulk storyline, and we are soon going to get the rumored World War Hulk movie for sure! This is a film that everyone has been waiting for and will involve Hulk’s son Skaar. Hulk was on Sakaar for 2 Earth years. But time works differently on that planet. So, he could have been there, stuck in his Hulk form for much longer than that. At that time, he could have gotten someone pregnant. After all, he was a celebrated warrior of Sakaar. So a lot of ladies may have wanted to be with him. He could have slept with one or more partners. And that would have led to the birth of Skaar. This is a little different from how things happened in the comics. But this explanation makes a lot of sense in the context of MCU.


In the books, Hulk was sent to space on a mission to destroy a rogue AI. But right after he finished that AI successfully, a video message from the Illuminati played on his ship. He had recently caused a lot of damage to Earth. So, all members of the Illuminati had voted that Hulk had become too dangerous for Earth. And through that video message, they informed him that he was being sent to Sakaar. They described Sakaar as a lonely beautiful planet where he could spend the rest of his days in peace without harming anyone. They thought that it would be like the garden planet that Thanos went to after his snap. But as it turned out, this planet was neither lonely nor peaceful.


Hulk’s ship crash landed on Sakaar. And because he was weak from the crash, he was easily picked up, and an obedience disk was attached to him. This happened to Thor in Ragnarok as he was picked up and forced to fight in the Grandmaster’s Gladiator’s pit. But instead of the Grandmaster, the ruler of Sakaar in the books was Emperor Angmo-Asan. Then slowly and steadily, Hulk fought his way through the planet. He formed a team involving Korg, Miek, and other characters. And he freed the planet from the Emperor’s rule. Hulk became the king of the planet and fell in love with another former warrior called Caiera. They married each other, and Caiera was expecting a baby.


But Hulk’s happiness was once again ruined by the Illuminati. Although their betrayal was much worse this time, it happened by accident. Hulk’s ship was rigged with a failsafe. If Hulk were to get angry midflight, the failsafe would make the ship boom! And this failsafe was triggered when Hulk’s wife Caiera was near it. So the explosion killed her, and Hulk went Ape-shit crazy once again! He went back to Earth to have his revenge on the Illuminati.


Meanwhile, on Sakaar, Hulk’s son Skaar had actually managed to survive the blast when his wife Caiera died. He was kept in a Cocoon and later emerged from it as a boy. This boy Skaar has been portrayed as a villain and an Antihero in the comics. And Hulk may have been called back to Sakaar because of his son. It has been seven years since Hulk left the planet and made his way back to Earth. But because it is established that time works differently on Sakaar, a lot more years could have passed on the planet. During these years, Skaar could have grown up and turned into a teenager or perhaps a young adult.


And maybe Hulk would have been called back to Sakaar because Skaar had been causing a lot of mayhem. So, they’d probably want Hulk to put a stop to him. Or maybe, the Sakarans would want Hulk to take Skaar back to Earth with him. Either way, this is a major setup for a World War Hulk storyline where an Angry Hulk would have to emerge to either fight his son Skaar or protect him.


Rumors have already suggested that Marvel plans to make a World War Hulk movie. After the second episode of She-Hulk, Mark Ruffalo also showed interest in this storyline. And a further piece of evidence has also stated that Marvel would get the rights to make a solo Hulk movie back in 2023. So, a World War Hulk movie is happening, and Marvel could start producing next year. They could deliver it around the two Avengers movies in 2025, and we could expect an announcement for it at Disney’s D23 expo.


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