White Vision’s Appearance Was Prophesized By Bruce In Infinity War

White Vision’s Appearance Prophesized By Bruce:

In episode 9 of the Season 1 of the WandaVision arc, we witnessed the arrival of a very unique construct that fans never imagined was possible. Even before the arrival of this character to the MCU, Paul Bettany was seen teasing the Marvel fandom with a character that he implied he had always wanted to work with. In the final episode of the WandaVision season 9, we see Paul Bettany himself arrive on the battlefield as White Vision, appealing his claims to be true in kind of a rhetorical way. The arrival of White Vision had been confirmed towards the end of episode 8, where we saw the S.W.O.R.D agents informing Director Tyler Hayward about the success they had achieved in resuscitating the corpse. However, it was surprising to see White Vision being resuscitated using Wanda’s magic rather than any other power source.

The procedure that the audience witnessed towards the end of episode 8, was the drone being linked up to some kind of power transfer device. The device was shown extracting the chaos magic which was still residing within the drone that was sent inside the Hex to execute Wanda. The power extracted from the drone was channeled to a sarcophagus made of glass, which housed the new fully repaired body of Vision which now looked a stunning white all over. It is during this phase that once the transfer is completed, White Vision opens his eyes and fathoms his physical being.

Fast forward we are brought into episode 9, where Wanda is battling Agatha and White Vision makes a dramatic entry. Initially, for a moment Wanda is comforted by Vision’s physical presence, as White Vision holds Wanda’s beautiful face in between both his hands. But, within a split second, he starts squeezing her head while quoting “and I was told you were powerful”. It was at this moment that Wanda’s manifested Vision sweeps down on White Vision and drags him into the asphalt and then into a nearby standing caravan.

White Vision’s Appearance Prophesized By Bruce
White Vision’s Appearance Prophesized By Bruce

After this, an ensuing battle breaks out between Wanda’s manifested Vision and the White Vision which was resuscitated by S.W.O.R.D’s director Tyler Hayward. Both the synthezoid’s are battling each other when Wanda’s Vision asks the white Vision about what his directive was and he responds by saying that he was there to kill the Vision. It was then that Wanda’s Vision tells White Vision that he is only a conditional fragment of Wanda’s construct and apart from the memories none of him is real. Listening to this argument White Vision ceases his attack on Wanda’s Vision and request’s him to explain what he was stating. And then Wanda’s vision pulls us the Theseus ship’s conundrum of metaphysics to make his construct comprehensible to White Vision. Post a revealing debate, Wanda’s vision takes down all the barriers in White Vision’s mind that were keeping him away from his stored memories. And Then White Vision quotes calming himself to be the real Vision and flies away from the battlefield never to be seen again in the remainder of the episode.

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White Vision’s Appearance Prophesized By Bruce

This comeback of White Vision was theorized by Bruce Banner in the Avengers: Infinity War. Bruce was heard saying that Vision is not just a synthezoid, rather a collection of memories and experiences garnered in one vessel. He said that Vision was a cumulative conscience of Jarvis’s AI algorithm, Tony’s ideas, Ultron’s mind, himself, and an ancient conscience within the mind stone. In the Infinity War he even states that if somehow, they were able to remove the mind stone, they might get someone who is a lot more vision than the Vision with the powers of the mind stone.

Bruce’s rhetorical conundrum may have inspired the writers to bring back the Vision into existence, only this time it would be without the powers of the mind stone. This scene may have been the inspiration behind the revival and inclusion of White Vision back into the narrative, of course, it had to be different from the Marvel comics narrative. But, one thing is for certain that if Bruce had already thought of the possibilities of Vision being able to survive without the mind stone, it had to be possible. The only issue was the only other person smarter than Vision and Bruce put together then was Tony Stark and he was very far from earth drifting away in space for them to even try and remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead without killing him.

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