Can White Vision’s Future In MCU Correct A Major Flaw In Vision’s Origin Story

The latest episode of the WandaVision story made a stunning revelation and probably one which could implicate several scenarios in the coming future episodes or stories. MCU has just introduced a massive lead for the continuity of the WandaVision storyline. This lead can probably right all the wrongs, which had initially been set in with the origin of Vision in the Age of Ultron. Many Marvel fans have debated the variation that Vision’s story has from the main comic books, but we have witnessed this done several times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Several theories in the Marvel Comics Universe have been altered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to achieve something superior to what we had in the comics. On several occasions, the script is changed because a similar timeline like the comics will probably kill all the excitement of the movie or television series, as an existing plot or story is already out there in printed form, or rather the entire script is out there in the market.

In the 9th episode of WandaVision, we witnessed the arrival of White Vision, which was an initiative taken by S.W.O.R.D’s director Tyler Hayward. From the beginning of the episode, Tyler had been trying to salvage the body of Vision in an attempt to bring it back to life and use it for his selfish motives. However, Tyler’s motives were made clear by the end of the 9th episode. Tyler, from the beginning, was tracking the Vision manifested by Wanda to use that Vision to resuscitate the lifeless vibranium corpse of the real Vision.

In episode 9, we witness Tyler Hayward managing to power up the new reassembled Vision from the Hex magic that was still prevalent in the drone that he had sent inside Hex earlier to take down Wanda. Tyler was able to extract the hex magic from the drone. Therefore, he wasn’t able to transfer it into the body of the new assembled White Vision, to bring the synthezoid back to life.

Can White Vision’s Future In MCU Correct A Major Flaw In Vision’s Origin Story

However, if leads were taken from the comic narrative, the present MCU will never be able to incorporate Vision’s comic book origin story into the MCU. In the comics, Vision’s origin is somewhat a lot more complicated in its sense. In the comics, Ultron is created by Hank Pym, contrary to the MCU narrative, which holds Tony Stark as the creator. Also, in the comics for a long time, the readers were confused as to how did Ultron create Vision, which was finally revealed in a 1970’s issue. It told the viewers that Vision was created using the body of two superheroes. For the physical being, Ultron used the body of the original human torch, and for the intellect and emotions, Ultron used brain patterns of Wonder Man. Whereas in the MCU, Vision was created with a Vibranium body with synthetic technology. His mind was imbued with an intellect that was an amalgamation of the Mind Stone and Jarvis’s AI algorithm incorporated together.

Can White Vision’s Future In MCU Correct A Major Flaw In Vision’s Origin Story

So, the question is, how can Wonder Man’s origin be incorporated into the original story of Vision. Well, the answer to this lies in the time between we witnessed Wanda trying to feel Vision’s mind, with his body torn down into pieces, and the time we witnessed a complete and whole repaired body of White Vision. The incorporation of Wonder Man between this time frame could complete the loop that was initially created which is contradicting the original narrative of the comic. In this time frame, we may witness how Wonder Man becomes responsible for the revival of White Vision and how he can put vision’s corpse together piece by piece or maybe become the means of redemption for Vision.

Again, all of these are just speculations based on the plot that we know from the comics, which may or may not be included in the narrative and bring about a change that several Marvel fans are aware of. But again, MCU’s idea was never to follow the comic book concept through and through as it wanted to avoid plot leak.

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