10 Greatest Dragon Ball Wishes – Ranked

Dragon Ball Wishes:

Over the course of Dragon Ball, many wishes have been granted by the ancient race of Dragons that have the power to use primordial magic to alter and bend reality to their will. But some of those wishes have been truly significant and plot-defining in the series.

 10. Bringing back Krillin to life

Krillin died a hero’s death in the Frieza saga. Like every other Z Fighter, he died saving Namek from Frieza and his henchmen. But death is just a word in Dragon Ball. Using the power of ancient magic bestowed on the Dragons, any being could be brought back to life. The Namekian Dragon Balls are thrice as powerful as Earth’s Dragon Balls since they can grant three wishes. But with Krillin, that amount of power would amount for naught since there are limits to Porunga’s powers. Porunga can only resurrect people where they died in the first place. Since Krillin died on Namek, a planet that no longer existed, he would have been resurrected into the vacuum of space. So the first wish was to transport Krillin’s Soul to the Other World Junction. The second wish was for Krillin to be brought back to life. That way, Krillin dos do not suffocate to death in the vacuum of space.

 9. Namekian Refugees teleported to Earth

The Dragon Balls have been wished to bring people back to life in the Dragon Ball Universe since time immemorial. The one civilization that has benefitted immensely from that trope is the Namekian Race. After their world is on the verge of destruction by Frieza, the Z Fighters believe that the only way to save the green-skinned aliens is by transporting them to Earth. The Namekian Dragon Balls were about to be used for the same. Grand Elder Guru, the creator of the Namekian Dragon Balls, died before that wish could be fulfilled. Porunga disappeared soon after. So the Earth Dragon Balls were used to first bring back all the Namekians that died at the hands of Frieza, and then after Grand Elder Guru came back to life, Porunga reappeared and all the Namekians were transported to Earth.

 8. How to Summon a Super Saiyan God

The Super Saiyan God Transformation is one of the greatest Super Saiyan transformations in Dragon Ball History. It introduced us to a whole new level of combat prowess in Dragon Ball. Once the stuff of legends within the Saiyan lore, the Super Saiyan God was found to be an actual thing that was once the forte of ancient Saiyans! But since it was a lost and extinct art, nobody knew how to unlock it. So the Dragon Balls were used to find out the method for a Saiyan to access the power of Super Saiyan God. The Super Saiyan God technique later gave rise to Super Saiyan Blue. So it is a very important wish in the history of the anime.

 7. Zamasu’s Immortality

Dragon Ball Wishes

To succeed in his Zero Mortals plan, Zamasu made multiple wishes. Two of those wishes had a profound impact on the Goku Black Saga and the future timeline. The first wish allowed Zamasu to switch bodies with Goku Black. The second wish was made by Zamasu of the Future. The wish he wanted to become true was for him to gain an immortal body that can never die or be killed. Zamasu was already a combat genius. With a new invincible and indestructible body, he was now truly formidable – a true God.

 6. Frieza’s return

Frieza is probably the most iconic supervillain in the Dragon Ball saga. His death marked the end of an era. So it was bound to happen that Frieza will return someday. After being killed by Future Trunks, Frieza’s story was done for good. And yet Frieza did return. In Dragon Ball: Resurrection F and in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza manages to come back to life and into the land of the living. Frieza was wished back to life by his underling Sorbet. Shenron warned that even though Frieza would be resurrected, he would still be in pieces – the way Trunks killed him by literally slicing him up. Sorbet made the wish anyway and used their advanced technology to patch him up like a rag doll and Frieza returned with a vengeance.

 5. Super Dragon balls’ Destruction

Zamasu was a rogue Kaio-Shin who believed that Mortals will one day usurp the Gods and take over the Universe. To stop that from happening, he joined forces with Goku Black and literally destroyed the mortal realm. Both Piccolo and Kami died. Without any Namekian progeny alive to help it survive, the Earth’s Dragon Balls were turned to stone. Future Trunks had to travel back into the past to find out a way to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black. In this timeline too, Zamasu did a number on the Z Fighters. In his final wish, Zamasu asked the Dragon God to destroy the Super Dragon Balls so that no one could stop him from killing all mortals.

 4. Goku’s energy is restored

During the Buu Saga, Kid Buu proved to be the most sinister version of Majin Buu the Z Fighters had ever seen. The guy was pure malice. He destroyed the earth and the entire human civilization. Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Warriors were unable to stop him. The Namekian Dragon Balls were used by Vegeta to make one final wish. Goku was preparing a supermassive spirit bomb. But since he had spent almost all his energy reserves, he was in no condition to use it on Buu. So Vegeta used the final wish to let Goku’s energy reserves be restored. This helped Goku to transform into Super Saiyan 2 and give that extra push to the spirit bomb attack which helped kill Majin Buu for good.

 3. Demon King Piccolo wishes him-self to his Prime

Demon King Piccolo is the biological relative of Piccolo. He is in fact the actual Piccolo’s predecessor. The one we know and love was originally called Piccolo Junior. Demon King Piccolo was a powerful Dragon Ball foe who managed to turn the world into a walking nightmare. Demon King Piccolo is the evil part of the Original Kami, who split into two. One half of Kami was then made out of noble thoughts and became Earth’s Guardian. The other half became Demon King Piccolo, committed to a life of crime and evil. Demon King Piccolo eventually became old. So he sought the help of the Dragon Balls to restore him-self to his youth. But it is what he did after that which marked the beginning of a dark era. Demon King Piccolo went on to kill Shenron so that nobody could undo his wish.

 2. Piccolo is transported to Namek

First arrogant as heck, Piccolo eventually realized that King Kai’s training can bear fruits. He trained along with the others and became stronger. When it was time for Piccolo to get back to the real world, he asked Porunga to be transported to Namek in the succeeding wish. A rather intelligent move, this allowed Piccolo to set foot on his home planet for the first time! This is a milestone event since Piccolo is visiting his actual world, the one his race original hails from for the very first time. This is why this wish is special. With Piccolo being side-lined in Dragon Ball Super like the runt of the litter, Dragon Ball Z marked the very last moment Piccolo got any sort of limelight.

 1. Goku’s first-ever Dragon Ball Z resurrection

This is also the first wish to have been ever made in Dragon Ball. Raditz, Kakarot aka Goku’s brother lands on Earth. He ends up fighting Piccolo and Goku. This was Goku’s first-ever death in the Dragon Ball Z series. Goku sacrificed his life so that Piccolo could have a clear shot to take out Raditz. Goku ended up in the Other World where he decided to traverse the Snake’s Way and train under King Kai. After passing his trials, Goku ended up learning Kaio-Ken and fought Vegeta in an iconic fight that is still seen as one of the greatest fights ever in Dragon Ball Z’s History.

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