Arrow: 8 Questions Which Were Left Unanswered After the Season 6 Finale

Since the first season aired on CW network, Arrow has always found itself into conversations pertaining to superhero shows. But after the universally acclaimed second season, the writing of the show has been going downhill. Surprisingly, the showrunners seem to have finally paid heed to the fans over the internet to restore the show to its former glory, and the sincerity is finally paying off. The Season 6 of Arrow has been a roller-coaster ride, with some unexpected twists, brilliant storytelling, and a major death which is going to be permanent. The season finale of Arrow spiked up the adrenaline in the disgruntled viewers, who were frustrated with the melodrama and mediocre writing. As the brilliant season comes to an end with a thrilling finale, some questions have been raised which will be answered in the upcoming seventh season.

Is Team Arrow going back to crime-fighting once again?

The sixth season of Arrow has managed to stay grounded for the most parts. This season, Agent Samanda Watson gave her all to reveal the Green Arrow’s secret identity. Upon finding the name behind the mask, Agent Watson struck a deal with Oliver Queen. Team Arrow gets full immunity if they are able to catch the bid baddie of the show, Ricardo Diaz. But unfortunately, a series of emotional events led Diaz to slip away from justice.

The part of the deal also consisted of Oliver Queen behind the bars of a supermax federal prison, which means he can’t protect Team Arrow if Agent Watson decides to go rogue. Also, the deal was not completed on Team Arrow’s part, as Diaz was able to slip away. So, what happens to Team Arrow? Are they going to get full immunity and go back to their crime-fighting days? Or something sinister is going to happen to them?

What’s next for Ricardo Diaz?

The antagonist for the sixth season, Ricardo Diaz has been one of the best parts of the season. His ruthlessness and witty plans have always managed to keep Team Arrow on their toes. But in the season finale, Diaz was hit by a sonic scream produced by Laurel/Black Siren. While the team though Diaz fell to his death, it was revealed that Diaz was alive and keeping an eye on Oliver Queen from his lair, with eyes full of rage and vengeance.

It’s pretty much confirmed that Ricardo Diaz will be making his appearance soon enough. But what exactly is left for him? Team Arrow might not have been able to kill him, but they managed to find all his secret contacts and bust his illegal activities, leaving him no chance to have an upper hand on them. So, what’s next for him? How is he going to exact his revenge and wreak havoc on Star City?

Will we get to see ‘Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max’?

As Agent Watson was finally able to join the dots and decipher the man behind the green costume, Oliver Queen headed straight towards the Super Max federal prison. For long time comic book fans, this might ring some bells as a movie was once planned ‘Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max’, where Green Arrow finds himself behind bars of the Super Max Prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His prison mates included most of the villains he had put behind the bars.

It will be quite bold for the showrunners to continue an entire season where the main protagonist is behind bars, leaving Star City unguarded. But, we might get a short glimpse of Green Arrow striking up unexpected alliances to break out from the Super Max.

What’s next for Laurel?

The death of the real Laurel had left a lot of fans with teary-eyed. But as with most superhero shows, the deaths aren’t really permanent in Arrow. The showrunners decided to get back Laurel, but this time, from Earth-2. The doppelganger of the real Laurel turned out to be somewhat evil, wreaking havoc everywhere. But fortunately, the real Quentin Lance cared for her and hoped that she would one day become a real hero.

But sadly, a quick turn of events led to Quentin’s death and it must have had a huge impact on Laurel, as the bullet which was meant for her was taken by Quentin. So, what’s in store for Laurel? Does the guilt of not being able to save Quentin turn her into a superhero? Or, does she decide to take down the dark road?

How is Star City going to react to the big revelation?

Despite having a major character death in the sixth season, the highest point still goes to Oliver Queen coming out with his alter ego. Stephen Amell had confirmed that Arrow was going to have its Iron Man moment where Tony Stark reveals to the world that he is Iron Man. But what are the repercussions for Star City itself?

How exactly is Oliver Queen getting out of the Super Max?

The finale has definitely set the tempo for the seventh season. With Oliver behind the bars, the showrunners can’t really ignore the event and move on. But then, how exactly is Oliver Queen getting out of the Super Max? Is it going to be a prison break, or, is the government going to intervene and let him walk scot-free, thanks to the return of Ricardo Diaz and other supervillains?

Is Roy Harper returning?

With Oliver behind the bars, the one good thing which came out of it was that it opened up the chance to get back the fan favorite Roy Harper. Roy Harper was last seen going out with Thea to destroy three recently discovered Lazarus Pits. After that, there has been no chance to get him back.

But now, as Oliver has taken full responsibility, Roy Harper’s name will get cleared. As the main player is out of the game for a while, Team Arrow will definitely need assistance from another prodigal archer.

Is the Flash’s season finale going to affect Arrow?

The upcoming season finale of the Flash has a lot of things on stake. This season’s main antagonist, The Thinker has decided to wipe out all the intelligence and emotions, in order to start over once again. The megalomaniac has decided to let the population find enlightenment under his guidance, once he succeeds with his plans.

flash green arrow  Season 6 Finale

But, as the two shows are inter-linked and are present in the same universe, there must be some repercussions of the events happening in The Flash. It’s highly unlikely that the showrunners of Flash will be bold enough to let the villain win. But what happens if The Enlightenment actually takes place? Will the event let Oliver escape from the Super Max? If you are unaware, The Enlightenment also affects technology.

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