Arrow Season 6 Finale

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    Arrow: 8 Questions Which Were Left Unanswered After the Season 6 Finale

    Since the first season aired on CW network, Arrow has always found itself into conversations pertaining to superhero shows. But after the universally acclaimed second season, the writing of the show has been going downhill. Surprisingly, the showrunners seem to have finally paid heed to the fans over the internet to restore the show to its former glory, and the…

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    Arrow Season 6 Finale: [SPOILER]’s Death Is Permanent

    Since its first season, Arrow has always been following a pattern to bring a season to an end. No matter how powerful the bad guy, or, how insurmountable the odds are, Arrow has always managed to wrap up a season with defeating the bad guy while managing to bring the team together. After two explosive seasons from the beginning, the…

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